Can I hunt with a AR 15 in California?

Who may bear arms?

The Political Constitution of the United Mexican States grants the inhabitants of Mexico the right to defend their life, patrimony, family and security, and to this end grants them the right to possess firearms in their homes. However, this right is subject to certain limitations, since they may not possess those weapons that are prohibited by law, nor those weapons reserved for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces.

Article 10: The inhabitants of the United Mexican States have the right to possess arms in their domicile, for their security and legitimate defense, with the exception of those prohibited by Federal Law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the permanent Armed Forces and the reserve corps. Federal law will determine the conditions, requirements and places in which the inhabitants may be authorized to carry firearms.

Persons may possess firearms of those permitted in the Federal Firearms and Explosives Law in their domicile, that is, in the place where persons have their permanent residence for themselves and their families. The possession of firearms in the domicile must be declared before the Secretary of National Defense (SEDENA) for its registration.

Which weapons do not require a license

“It used to be the case that long guns hunted guns. They were bolt-action shotguns and single-shot rifles and things that people actually bought for hunting or sport shooting and they weren’t the kind (AR-style rifles) that are used in mass shootings,” said Robyn Thomas, executive director of the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

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The man nominated to be the next speaker of the House of Representatives, Republican Rep. Jose Oliva, indicated hours after the school shooting that he would not be in favor of gun restrictions. You don’t take cars off the road because someone got drunk, used one and killed someone.

“You don’t take a car off the road because somebody rented a U-Haul and took it to some people in New York City,” Oliva said. Florida Sen. Bill Nelson, seeks to ban guns. AP

Who can buy guns in the United States

“Sure, I could try to say that the reason I have these guns is self-defense, but the truth is, while they technically serve that purpose, it’s not the reason I have them,” he says.

Background may be a factor in someone choosing this weapon: “The AR-15 is what I’m used to because of my training as a soldier,” writes Nathan Lee. “Because of my training, it’s what I’m most comfortable with.”

Another reason for these weapons is hunting. The AR-15 rifle is “a good platform for hunting. I’ve hunted a coyote with this gun,” says iReporter MVR155, who owns two of these rifles. He asked to remain anonymous.

“Since I’ve been of age I’ve collected many different firearms, some historical pieces, some sporting, some of them so-called ‘assault weapons’ that are now generating controversy,” says iReporter Hrothgar01.

“I think the person responsible for protecting my family is me,” writes iReporter ShortyDoowap, who owns a pair of AR-15s. “These rifles provide me with the tools to accomplish that task. I don’t have these guns to point and shoot, although I do. I don’t hunt with them, although I could.”

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Bail for carrying a firearm 2020

In the aftermath of the Orlando gay club shooting – considered the deadliest in U.S. history – that claimed the lives of 49 and left dozens injured, many wondered how easy or difficult it is to buy a handgun or rifle in California, a state with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation.

First of all, before going to a store to arm yourself with the material privileged by the second amendment to the constitution, you must obtain a certificate from the state allowing you to possess the weapon.

Keep in mind, before going to a store to obtain your gun, that if you have a narcotics addiction problem, a restraining order against you, or if you suffer from a mental disability, your application may be denied.

After submitting your documents, you will need to sign a federal document with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF, form 4473) and the DROS in order to conduct a background check.

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