Can an ETF be a UCIT?

Can an ETF be a UCIT?


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Since the fund is an ETF, investors will generally only be able to buy or sell shares in the secondary market, in the form of a swap. Authorized participants contributing to the creation or redemption of shares in the primary market may be charged “creation” or “redemption” fees (also called “entry” or “exit” fees) on the cash portion of the transaction (up to a maximum of 3.00%). These origination or redemption fees are not applicable to secondary market investors. However, secondary market investors may incur brokerage and/or transaction fees in connection with their transactions. In addition, secondary market investors may have to bear the costs of bid-ask spreads, i.e. the difference between the prices at which shares can be bought and sold.

Ucits meaning

Investors should note that Xtrackers ETFs are not principal protected or guaranteed and that investors in these Xtrackers ETFs must be able to withstand and be prepared for losses of invested principal, which may be up to total losses. The value of an investment in an Xtrackers ETF can go down as well as up, and historical performance is not a reliable indication of future results. Investing in Xtrackers ETFs involves a number of risks. For a list of the related risks, click on the Risks link at the top of the page.

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Ucits etf

An ETF is an exchange-traded fund, so it combines the advantages of being able to invest in a basket of assets, obtaining the diversification of a fund, with the convenience of being able to buy and sell instantly in a listed market.

A leveraged ETF is one that attempts to replicate the performance of an asset but increases the return by a factor. ETFs of this style are usually benchmarked to an index, such as the S&P500. The factor by which the return is multiplied is usually indicated. For example, if the ETF multiplies the performance of the underlying by 2 (usually expressed as 2x). An example makes it easier to understand:

An ETF referenced to the S&P500 with 2x leverage, means that every time the S&P500 goes up or down, the ETF will get that return multiplied by two. For example, if the S&P500 goes up 10%, the S&P500 2x ETF will go up 20%. Likewise, if the S&P500 goes down 5%, the ETF will go down 10%.

The composition of ETFs is 100% synthetic, which means that their structure is made up of derivatives and they can be viewed as an alternative to options or futures. As they are not physical replicas and contain derivatives in their structure as mentioned above, they are exposed to counterparty risk among others, but unlike futures, an investment in leveraged ETFs cannot lose more than the initial investment.

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