Are septic holding tanks legal in PA?

Are septic holding tanks legal in PA?

Fine for septic tank

The method is quite easy to perform and usable anywhere, in particular away from sewage networks, as they do not need them. By the way, in the poorest areas, it allows to save its construction.

Generally, it comprises two chambers, as shown in the following diagram: in the first one, the solid matter will accumulate and undergo a “digestion” (anaerobic fermentation) which will lead to the formation of various gases (CO2, NH4.).

These sludges need to be emptied periodically (preferably by a professional because of the risk of infection). The frequency depends on the volume and use of the pit. It should be done as soon as the residual solid sludge reaches 2/3 of the first chamber.

The second chamber of the example receives the decanted effluents, however the water leaving the pit is not sufficiently purified. Indeed, only a pretreatment function has been performed (it can be considered that at least 30% of the carbonaceous pollution has been eliminated); in particular bacterial germs remain. It is therefore forbidden (in many countries such as France) to discharge this water into nature or even into the sewer because of the numerous problems that this could cause (pollution of wells, odors and corrosion caused by pretreatment in the sewer).

Septic tanks

If you are doing this, it is always advisable to get two or three prices to make sure you get excellent value. If you are using a professional septic tank installer, then you should make sure that they are experienced in installing sewage treatment plants, are fully insured and have references.

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Discharges from single-family dwellings have the character of urban, and can be authorized, after passing through an appropriate treatment plant, to discharge directly to surface water (river, stream, ditch, etc.), directly to groundwater (well down to the water table) or indirectly to groundwater (to the ground or through a well or filter trench). Discharges to discontinuous watercourses will have the double consideration of discharge to surface water and indirect discharge to groundwater.

Authorizations for discharges will correspond to the competent Hydraulic Administration (Hydraulic Confederations), except in cases of discharges made at any point of the sewerage network or of collectors managed by the autonomous or local Administrations or by entities dependent on them, in which the authorization will correspond to the competent autonomous or local body.

Septic tanks prices

The septic tank removes floating sediment from black water and the absorption system filters and treats the clarified effluent from the septic tank. The removal of solids from the wastewater and periodic cleaning protects the filtration system against possible clogging.

We must emphasize the importance of keeping your septic tank in good condition, for which a series of regular and periodic preventive maintenance actions are essential.

Not only do we empty your septic tank, but we leave it as good as new, with a mixed work team in charge of liquefying and vacuuming all the contents of your septic tank to the tank truck, while we apply pressurized water on the walls of the same to remove solid debris adhered.

The materials that compose the septic tanks can be toxic for people, that is why it is recommended that their maintenance is carried out by specialized personnel. Therefore, the septic tank should be emptied from time to time, thus ensuring that these solid substances cannot cause major problems in the future.

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Home septic tank

A septic tank is a device for the primary treatment of domestic wastewater. It is used for the separation and physical-chemical transformation of the organic matter contained in the wastewater. It is a simple and inexpensive way to treat wastewater and is suitable (preferably) for rural areas or residences located in isolated places and is an advantageous substitute for the so-called pit latrines. However, the treatment is not as complete as in a sewage treatment plant.

This device should not be confused with the cesspool, an old system for collecting sewage, which is very imperfect since it merely stores the waste, and which is now banned in many countries because of its poor treatment.

When it has two chambers, the first one must have a volume more or less double that of the second one and the union between both will be made between two waters, so that sludge and foam do not pass from one chamber to the other. Both chambers should have manholes so that the sludge can be removed periodically.

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