Why is professional registration important?

Why is professional registration important?

Why it is important to record data

A registry is a standardized collection of information that can include patient diagnosis, outcomes, procedures, diseases, device performance, among other aspects, and all these data are used to evaluate specific outcomes with predefined clinical, scientific or research objectives.

With this data, we can identify best practices, use previous results as a guide and obtain important information, very quickly, if the need for implant removal arises.

Past this, the UK NHS created and implemented a registry, The Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry (2016), for patients in England with breast and other cosmetic implants that allows implants to be tracked quickly and efficiently, should similar safety issues arise.

About the personnel involved in international registries, whether they are stakeholders, decision makers, health professionals, or others, they should be aware of the possible barriers derived from covering several countries and also of other aspects of regulations at regional, state and European level to ensure the correct implementation and operation of the registry.

The importance of the registry

In its simplest form it may consist of a collection of paper charts collected by a physician and stored in a box. More often, they are computerized databases with varying degrees of sophistication that can be accessed through different institutions.

The World Health Organization defines a patient registry as a file of documents containing uniform information about individual persons, collected systematically and comprehensively, to serve previously established scientific, clinical or health policy objectives.

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They are documents that contain data, assessments and information of any kind on the situation and clinical evolution of a patient throughout the care process, together with the patient’s identification.

Epidemiological records are those that include all or most of the individuals belonging to a specific geographic or administrative area, who present a disease, health condition or characteristic and are followed over time.

Importance of the business record

Every time your doctor examines you or you roll up your sleeves for a blood draw, someone notes it in your medical records. Many health care professionals keep this information in electronic records. You may have heard them called EHRs, which stands for electronic health records (or electronic health records).

Electronic records allow all of the medical professionals who care for you to see the same information. So if your dermatologist wants to prescribe a drug for you, he or she can see if other doctors have given you drugs that may have an adverse reaction with the new one. Having a centralized record like this can help practitioners provide you with the best care.

Even electronic records are not simple. There are different programs and software, and not all practices use the same system. For this reason, some states handle records in a way that allows all your information to be shared among different health care professionals.

Hospital patient registration system

Once all the indicators have been calculated, we proceed to calculate the average for each EBAIS, taking the total number of records (n), as follows:     As an estimation of the standard deviation for each indicator, the path (r) is calculated, whose calculation consists of obtaining the maximum value obtained and subtracting the minimum value, which is very simple to work with and has an efficiency of 85% or more, if 10 or fewer files are used. Calculation of the confidence limits for the average quality of the health area records: Once the averages of the quality indicators for each of the EBAIS have been obtained, the average for the health area is calculated, assuming that there are 10 EBAIS, as follows: To estimate the standard deviation of the indicators for the health area, the average of the R range is calculated as follows: The quality control limits are calculated as follows:

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