Why is pharmacy a bad career?

Why is pharmacy a bad career?

Que cursos se lleva en farmacia técnica

La salud de los jóvenes universitarios puede verse afectada por situaciones académicas estresantes. Los estudiantes del ámbito de la salud están sobrecargados de trabajo, lo que puede ser un factor que se relacione con síntomas de depresión y daños físicos. El objetivo de este estudio fue evaluar la presencia de dolencias físicas, los hábitos de salud y la presencia de depresión en hombres y mujeres estudiantes de la carrera de medicina. La muestra consistió en 150 estudiantes de una universidad pública. Se diseñó una escala de Likert para evaluar aspectos de interés y se utilizó el Inventario de Depresión de Beck. No se encontraron diferencias significativas entre los sexos en ambas variables. Los porcentajes revelaron que la mayoría de los participantes no mostraban depresión. Sin embargo, había daños en su bienestar físico. En las universidades deben incluirse programas de afrontamiento del estrés para los estudiantes.

Para muchos jóvenes y para sus familias, estudiar una carrera universitaria representa una meta al considerar que obtener un grado académico incrementa las oportunidades laborales y, por ello, se está en posibilidades de aspirar a mejorar la calidad de vida. Para lograrlo, el ámbito universitario no sólo requiere que los jóvenes tengan interés en los estudios sino que también deben mostrar buena organización, autonomía, habilidades específicas y capacidad para afrontar las situaciones escolares estresantes.

Benefits of studying pharmacy

If you want to complete the training you have received in pharmacy school, you have several options that will expand and increase your possibilities in the labor market and the pharmaceutical sector. We tell you what possibilities exist and how you can make the most of them.

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When you finish your pharmacy degree, you consider many options: studying for a master’s degree, taking a complementary course, looking for a job, doing an internship… The alternatives are varied, but before choosing, you should ask yourself:

Specialization should not be taken lightly, you should choose to study what you really like and what fulfills you as a person. Think about it, there is always an aspect that attracts us more. Working in what we like is a winning bet.

There are numerous business schools, universities, professional colleges and training centers, which offer the possibility of doing a master’s degree in subjects related to the pharmaceutical sector. Some examples are as follows:

This is a good option if you want to start your own pharmacy business or advise other pharmacists on sales and marketing issues. This Master’s degree provides students with an orderly, comprehensive and practical vision of the analysis and strategic decision-making processes in the pharmaceutical sector.

Pharmaceutical university career

Pharmacy students rate the career as satisfactory. This is the main conclusion of a survey promoted by the National Conference of Deans of Faculties of Pharmacy in which more than a thousand students (1,035) from seven different universities participated.

The elaboration of this survey is a consequence of the project (see page 25) of study and revision of the Degree in Pharmacy, within the European Convergence Program of the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation (Aneca).

The survey establishes a series of questions (33) that students had to rate on a scale from 1 (very unsatisfactory) to 5 (very satisfactory). The results show that the most highly valued question (with more than 4.5 points) is the importance of supervised internships and the need for these to be carried out in the field where the professional work will later be carried out.

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In this sense, the university where students gave the highest score to this point was the University of Alcalá de Henares, in Madrid (4.81), followed by the University of Granada (4.71) and the University of Salamanca (4.63).

Why study pharmacy

If there is one thing to be very clear about, it is that if you take this professional direction, it must be vocational. Especially in those jobs where the pharmacist is directly in contact with the patient. See the case of community pharmacy.

Another reason why studying pharmacy can be a good option is because of the great possibilities of specialization on which the pharmacist can focus. For example, a pharmacist, in addition to working in the pharmacy office, could also work in the hospital setting. And within the pharmaceutical specializations that can be found in a regulated way are others such as:

Likewise, in the educational field there are more and more postgraduate trainings. In all of them, the pharmacist can refine his or her path at the end of the degree. This is the case of doctorates or masters in Botany, Biotechnology, Pharmacognosy, Physical and Organic Chemistry, Biopharmaceutics, Business Administration and Management… Have you considered any of these paths?

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