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Registration in the public registry of commerce mexico

The Universidad Veracruzana through the academic entities and dependencies, summons students of flexible curricula of undergraduate level who wish to take educational experiences (EE), in the winter intersemester, scheduled from January 5 to February 1, 2022.

The guidelines are intended to ensure the quality, relevance and viability of the educational offerings of the intersemester periods. They include the academic aspects that support their construction, the conformation of the sections, the conditions for the delivery of the educational experiences (EE), the recovery quotas, as well as the registration, the conditions of schooling and the definition of the procedures.

3. Those who did not process a temporary withdrawal and omitted their enrollment in the immediately preceding period must request authorization from the Secretary of the Faculty of their academic entity, being subject to the review of their records to identify their schooling situation.

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If you are an entity, administration or other provider of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) applications and services, you must register in the “Registry of Intelligent Systems Applications and Services”.

These include applications such as electronic toll collection, which allows toll collection without vehicles having to stop or slow down; or so-called congestion charging, to regulate congestion on roads giving access to the central area of cities using transmitters in vehicles, complemented by video cameras and digital character recognition technology (to fine violators). Other examples of these intelligent transportation systems include automatic violation monitoring and in-vehicle emergency notification systems.

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This registry collects relevant data and provides the necessary information to know the activity of the applications and services of intelligent transportation systems.

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If it is in person, you must go to one of the commercial offices of the company to which you want to change, where you must sign a portability request, which will be enough to resign from your current company, without the need to go to it.

The companies do not charge for portability. However, according to the type of service contracted, there may be costs, which must be equivalent to those incurred when contracting the same service without portability.

This balance cannot be transferred to the receiving company, however, the customer may use it between the time he/she requests the change to his/her new company and the minute the technical transfer becomes effective, which occurs between 3 am and 5 am of the following business day.

The user is free to choose the formula that suits him best. If the local telephony user requesting the fixed portability has bundled services (internet + television) in his old company, he can opt for:

The receiving company will send an SMS with a code to the mobile equipment of the applicant, hence the need for the applicant to carry the equipment with him/her. Once received, the applicant must deliver the code to the receiving company, which will allow the portability request to be submitted.

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Karen Abudinen, ICT minister, was in charge of making this first delivery of 197 SIM cards with active service in the city of Barranquilla (Atlántico), launching the implementation of this new mobile connectivity program of the national government in the country.

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“Thanks to the development of projects like this, students will be able to consult online jobs, access educational content that strengthen their learning process and conduct academic research,” said the ICT minister, who added that “women entrepreneurs will be able to strengthen their knowledge in e-commerce, promote their products through digital platforms, and be at the forefront with first-hand information.”

Michelle Salcedo, a third semester student of Business Administration at the Universidad del Atlántico, was part of the first group of students to benefit from this connectivity strategy.

“The connection through this project is very useful to me, because I don’t have access to wifi. This initiative of the ICT Ministry will help me to continue with my studies and research,” said the student.