What is the role of Registration Authority?

What is the role of Registration Authority?

Certifying entities of digital certificates

In both processes there is a step that is the identification of the responsible or user of the certificate, which requires that he/she appears in the offices of a Registration Authority. These offices corroborate the identity.

Each Certification Provider establishes deadlines before the certificate expires in order to renew it without the need for further identification. In the case of FNMT certificates, they are valid for 36 months and can be renewed during the 2 months prior to expiration.

If the Certificate expires, the whole process of applying for the certificate must be redone. However, a certificate can be renewed before it expires and the process does not require a new application.

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Digital technologies are transforming the economy and society, causing a change in our consumption habits and in our professional relationships. The demands of the new digital customer and the access to the market of a working generation composed of digital natives, make necessary a secure communication, which guarantees a climate of stable and solid electronic transactions.

In this new digital ecosystem, guaranteeing the security of computer data and providing an accurate digital identity has become a commitment for multi-sector companies that want to ensure long-term relationships with customers and employees.

Electronic solutions based on the encryption method rely heavily on data integrity and authenticity, so great attention is paid to security architectures, which are necessary to protect and distribute information in a widely distributed environment.

▪ data integrity services: deal with unauthorized or accidental modification of data. This includes data insertion, deletion and modification. To ensure data integrity, a system must be able to detect unauthorized modification of data. The goal is for the recipient of the data to verify that the data has not been altered.

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The services of a certification authority are mainly used to guarantee the security[1][2] of digital communications via the TLS protocol (Transport Layer Security), used in web communications (HTTPS) or e-mail communications (SMTP, POP3, IMAP), as well as to safeguard digital documents (for example, using advanced electronic signatures with the PAdES system for PDF documents, or via the S/MIME protocol for e-mails).

A revoked certificate is a certificate that is no longer valid even if it is used within its validity period. A revoked certificate has the status of suspended if its validity can be restored under certain conditions.

One of the ways in which trust in a CA is established for a user is by “installing” on the user’s computer (trusted third party) the self-signed certificate of the root CA of the hierarchy to be trusted. The installation process can be done, on Windows XP type operating systems, by double clicking on the file containing the certificate (with the extension “”) and starting the “certificate import wizard”. As a general rule, the process must be repeated for each of the browsers on the system, such as Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer, and in each case with their specific certificate import functions.

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In this article we will first go into the definition of what a digital certificate is, how it relates to the electronic signature and explain the role of the entities entitled to issue digital certificates, the Certification Authorities.

Cryptography is the science of encrypting and decrypting information using techniques that make it possible to exchange messages in a secure manner that can only be read by the people to whom they are addressed. The purpose of cryptography is, firstly, to guarantee the secrecy of communication between two entities (persons, organizations, etc.) and, secondly, to ensure that the information sent is authentic in two ways: that the sender is really who he claims to be and that the content of the message sent, usually called cryptogram, has not been modified in transit.

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The Certification Authority, by itself or through the intervention of a registration authority, verifies the identity of the applicant of a certificate before its issuance or, in the case of certificates issued with the status of revoked, removes the revocation of the certificates when verifying that identity.