What is the light at the back number plate called?

What is the light at the back number plate called?

Change license plate light, license plate holder or license plate to led. seat, jetta

So yes, the lights are for you to see and others can see you… they certainly light the road but also let the other drivers know that you are there, many are the accidents caused when a driver is on the road without lights… the different types of lights have a function as communication, that all drivers share, if you are a good driver you will know what light to turn on at all times, and you will know how to interpret the light changes of others on the road.

To verify that your car’s lighting is adequate and that everything is in perfect condition, it is important to check all the car’s lighting components (rear, brake, reverse and fog lights) and checking the condition of the headlights is fundamental.

The high beam or route light is a fairly intense light that allows us to see at night at a long distance. It is essential for driving on the road and is alternated with the low beam so as not to dazzle the driver ahead or coming in the opposite direction.

How to replace the bulbs in the rear license plate lamps

When we go on vacation with our trailers, there are many things that cross our minds. We have to inflate the tires properly, make sure that the emergency triangles are carried, that everything is perfectly safe… But many times we forget one of the most important things: the lights of the trailers and cars. They are essential for any road trip, especially those that take place at night.

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These are quite annoying lights for the rest of the road users, so they should only be used when the weather conditions are really bad and there is a risk of an accident. There are two white or yellow lights at the front and one or two red lights at the rear.

They are the most basic and also the most important. They mark the length, width and position of the vehicle. They are placed at the front, rear and sides of the car and trailer if it is more than 6 meters long.

It is also necessary that the cleanliness of the headlights is optimal. If you drive in places with dirt, mud or dust, it is necessary to clean them when you make a stop, or it may affect their effectiveness.


hello people, one thing as you change the bulbs of the rear license plate are removed by dnd the license plate or inside the porton esq e tried but e preferred not to force.una the same bulbs that the position bulbs right ?

good they are removed from the outside, look and you will see that the bulb soffit at the ends have 2 holes in the pins. then put something in it, and az lever, and you desencajara on one side, and then stretch, and you sldra. to put just press. and if they are the same bulbs. i take them blankitas!

well, it’s very easy. you put your fingers inside the door and press on a little plastic lever and at the same time push out and you will get the light bulb on the side of the license plate. once out you take the plastic off the light bulb and access to the lamp.

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Chevrolet Sonic license plate lamp replacement

3.2.4. where appropriate, and for the purpose of checking conformity with the provisions of this Regulation, drawings of each lamp showing the illuminating surface as defined in paragraph 2.8, the light emitting surface as defined in paragraph 2.8, the reference axis as defined in paragraph 2.11 and the reference centre as defined in paragraph 2.12.

This information shall not be required in the case of a rear registration plate lamp (paragraph 2.7.13) eur-lex.europa.eu

paragraph 2.9, the light-emitting surface as defined in paragraph 2.8, the axis of reference as defined in paragraph 2.11 and the center of reference as defined in paragraph 2.12. This information is not necessary in the case of the rear registration plate lamp (paragraph 2.7.13) eur-lex.europa.eu

rear registration plate lamp and direction indicator lamps (categories 5 and 6), in the absence of a reflecting surface, shall be replaced by the “light-emitting surface”. eur-lex.europa.eu

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