What is Qub AC UK?

The children of belfast

The Queen’s University of Belfast (in English : Queen’s University of Belfast , abbreviated QUB ; in Irish Ollscoil na Riona, Béal Feirste ; in both cases literally the “Queen’s University of Belfast”) is a British university located in Belfast in northern Ireland . This university was originally an integral part of the Queen’s University of Ireland , established in 1845 to promote higher education for Catholics and Presbyterians and to act as a counterweight to Trinity College in Dublin, then under the influence of the Anglican Church .

Queen’s University is the second oldest university in Ireland and the ninth oldest in the United Kingdom. Its origins date back to the Academic Institution of Belfast , founded in 1810 and survives today as the Royal Belfast Academic Institution . Queen’s was founded as a university in 1845 under the name Queen’s College, Belfast, then associated with Queen’s College, Cork and Queen’s College, Galway, to form part of the Queen’s University of Ireland (1850) and then in 1880 the Royal University. of Ireland. In 1908, the Irish Universities Act dissolved this university to create two new separate institutions, the National University of Ireland and Queen’s University of Belfast. When it opened in 1849 (as Queen’s College), the institution had 23 professors and 343 students.

Former presidential candidate who is now a university chancellor

Queen’s University is the second oldest university in Ireland, and tries to counterbalance the famous university of Dublin, Trinity College, located south of the city, next to the Botanical Gardens, was built in 1845 by Queen Victoria, in the Gothic style of Victorian and Edwardian architecture, following plans very similar to those of the famous Oxford University in England. The facade is very beautiful and takes you to Hogwarts (Harry Potter). It is worth taking the time to walk around the campus, really very nice, and then go for a walk in the gardens.

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Pro tanto quid retribuamus

The University of Belfast (or Queen’s University) was one of the places that surprised me the most in the city. It is the kind of university I would have liked to study at sometime and one of the places you can’t miss in Belfast.

As a sign of the good relations between Queen’s University and the Canadian provincial governments, the room was renamed the Canada Room. Hence, the choice of red as the main color and details where the figure of the Canadian maple leaf prevails.

It is a former reading room. Inside, Women Emerging from the Shadows, a work by the award-winning Newry Michelle Rogers, stands out. The painting was commissioned by Queen’s Gender Initiative to commemorate the contribution of women in the life of the university.

On the day I visited the University there was an exhibition called Best Before, by Stephen Johnson. It was focused on his hyper-realistic painting, where he depicted glass jars containing different types of food such as fruit, fish and even Maltesers.

What is the capital of belfast

The Queen’s University of Belfast is promoting its scholarships for the new course that will start in September 2015 of its master programs, offering 100 financial aid for students who want to come to their university.

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