What is professional registration for NHS?

What is professional registration for NHS?

Dental clinic health registry

Law 16/2003, of May 28, on the cohesion and quality of the National Health System, regulates in its article 53 the health information system of the National Health System and provides that it will contain information, among other aspects, on human resources.

Law 55/2003, of December 16, 2003, on the Framework Statute of the statutory personnel of the health services, includes in Article 16 the obligation for the health services of the autonomous communities to establish personnel registries, in which those who provide services in their respective health centers and institutions will be registered.

Royal Decree-Law 16/2012, of April 20, on urgent measures to guarantee the sustainability of the National Health System and improve the quality and safety of its benefits, introduced an additional tenth provision in Law 16/2003, of May 28, creating the State Register of Healthcare Professionals.

Royal Decree 81/2014, of February 7, establishing rules to guarantee cross-border healthcare, and amending Royal Decree 1718/2010, of December 17, on medical prescriptions and dispensing orders, transposes into our legal system Directive 2011/24/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, of March 9, 2011, on the application of patients’ rights in cross-border healthcare and regulates the exchange of information on healthcare professionals between the competent authorities of the Member States of the European Union, referring to the registry in its article 19.

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Ministry of Health, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare – professionals

Starting from a new financing system for the SNS, effective human resources planning measures are necessary -such as, for example, the state registry of professionals- to adjust the availability of specialists to the real needs -present and future- of the system.

Digitalization requires adopting as soon as possible the advantages offered by ‘big data’, ‘blockchain’, computing power, artificial intelligence; integrating the capacity and experience of healthcare professionals, and acting synergistically with healthcare technology companies.

Socio-healthcare coordination must be brought to the real world as soon as feasible -especially in areas such as nursing home care- to enable citizens to access the most appropriate care for their needs at all times and to optimize the available resources.

And governance must be exercised from an Interterritorial Council with a regulation subject to the Law that regulates it, and which makes it possible to make binding all the decisions that are agreed upon, and those that have a function of necessary and inexcusable coordination.

General registry of healthcare centers, establishments and services.

The objective of the National Health System Digital Health Record System (HCDSNS) is to guarantee telematic access to a set of personal clinical data, provided that the security requirements established to protect the information are met.

At present, you can consult all the Primary Care reports and only the Hospital Care reports that have been generated in those centers that have digital support. Hospitals and Hospital Care clinical reports will be gradually incorporated.

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Ministry of Health Spain

Law 16/2003, of 28 May, on the cohesion and quality of the National Health System, creates in its article 53 the Information System of the National Health System and establishes in its article 58, section 5 that the Health Information Institute may recognize as valid for the National Health System existing health information registries in different professional and scientific fields. This Manual contains a proposal for the evaluation of registries, surveys and information systems in the scientific or professional field, managed by scientific societies or other institutions, with the aim of assessing their recognition as being of interest to the National Health System, with a view to their potential use in the National Health System Information System (NHS-IS). The recognition of the Registry does not imply any funding commitment for the Ministry.