What is pre-registration course?

What is pre-registration course?

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The pre-enrollment is the process that the candidate makes in order to formalize the process of application for admission to the University, and his case is treated to see if it approves the requirements of the institution, in order to obtain the respective entry to that particular house of study. But, the pre-enrollment does not guarantee that the student will be able to study in that institution, but what guarantees that the student will be admitted is that he/she has passed the entire selection process.

Enrollment is the process of admission to the institution, but this is the real guarantee that the student is part of the institution. When the candidate has been selected to formalize the enrollment process, this does not guarantee that the candidate is already a student of the Institution, but that he/she is officially a student, after successfully completing the enrollment process, having submitted all the documents.

To confirm that the enrollment process has been formalized, the candidate must be alert to verify when the list of new admitted students, or the list of newly admitted students, or the list of newly enrolled students, will be published (each university may use different terms to refer to the same thing).

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Pre-registration for the professional training courses offered by the Lifelong Learning Agency of the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires for the 2021 academic year is open until Friday, March 12.

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The wide academic offer and the training courses have official certification of national validity and are framed within sectors of great importance for labor insertion, such as: computer science and programming, image and sound, energy (electric and renewable), construction, gastronomy, automotive, social communication and hotel management, among others.

There are 59 Vocational Training Centers in the City that also offer short training courses that allow their students to access a quick job placement and even the possibility of acquiring the knowledge to develop their own enterprises.

To pre-register, students must register and fill in the information provided by the system. Once the process is completed, the registration must be validated by going to the Vocational Training Center of your choice.

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The process is carried out online, with immediate assignment of the requested vacancies, if available, and as long as the student meets the requirements of the course. This means that once the enrollment is completed, the student will have a definite and confirmed academic load for the following academic period.

The new system does not control time limits for enrolled courses. However, it is important that you plan your academic load without time limits, in order to be able to meet the requirements of each course.

The maximum number of credits that can be enrolled in an academic period is 60, except for some academic units that are authorized to enroll a larger number of credits. During the first stage of enrollment up to 30 credits may be enrolled, and in the second and third stage it is possible to enroll up to 60 credits.

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Students should not register more than one section of the same course. If you do so, the additional sections may be randomly eliminated by the Academic Unit that teaches the course, in order to free up vacancies for other students who need to enroll in the course.

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The process includes a pre-enrollment period and an enrollment period, which begins with the submission of applications and ends with the student’s enrollment in the center where he/she will study.

Since the pre-enrollment will be completely electronic, in order to carry out the process it is necessary to have a digital identification tool, such as the electronic ID card, the [email protected] system, the T-CAT or the IdCAT Mobile. If it is not available, the application must be made in computer support and will be attached to the applicant’s identification documentation. The process and all the information are, accessible from the mobile or from the tablet in addition to the computer.

The website is structured as a portal of portals. All studies share the same information architecture, so that families who must pre-enroll more than one son or daughter can take advantage of the experience gained while browsing one of the studies when entering any other.

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