What is PPL registration?

Inpec Release Ticket

The police found three firearms, 18 cartridges and other evidence that the persons deprived of their liberty (PPL) had hidden in one of the penitentiary pavilions in the Zone 8 Detention Center.

The elements found at the request of the prosecutor in charge of the case, Attorney Manuel Alvear Hernández, were taken with the respective chain of custody to the Evidence Collection Center of the Judicial Police of Zone 8. (Oswaldo Trujillo P. Sgos. Darwin Verdezoto. DNCE).

What is INPEC?

In Ecuador a new rehabilitation model is being implemented and as part of the system the Ministry of Justice, Human Rights and Worship together with the General Directorate of Civil Registration, Identification and Identification, are working on the identification and matching of information of inmates, to prevent them from being detained without a record or with false identity.

To achieve this objective, the team of Mobile Brigades of the DIGERCIC of Guayas, is enrolling each of the persons deprived of liberty, i.e., the capture of biometric data of the person is performed: photo, fingerprint and signature. These data are entered and thus we have reliable information in the Magna System, technology that has the Civil Registry of Ecuador, to ensure the identification of Ecuadorians.

Inpec Colombia

The Justice Commission of the Congress of Deputies has approved the bill presented by the Socialist Group for the reform of Law 20/11, of July 21, of the Civil Registry, with thirty-one votes in favor and five against.

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If obtained, the Bill will be sent to the Senate where the text can be approved in its terms, amendments can be presented or a veto can be proposed. If not approved, the PPL would have to return to the Congress of Deputies.

– And we also request that what is regulated for Magistrates in charge of the exclusive Civil Registries, by the PSOE/PODEMOS amendment to the PPL, also be applied to the future LAJs in charge; that is to say, to the LAJs who are assigned to said registries, and thus continue in their position until their retirement if it is in their interest.

Inpec cali

Royal Decree 365/2005, of April 8, 2005, approving the Complementary Technical Instruction MI-IP05 “Installers or repairers and installation or repair companies of liquid petroleum products”.

Law 21/1992, of July 16, 1992, on Industry, establishes in Article 12.5 that the safety regulations of state scope will be approved by the Government of the Nation, without prejudice that the autonomous communities with legislative competences on industry can introduce additional requirements on the same matters in the case of installations located in their territory.

Chapter II of the Regulation on oil installations, approved by Royal Decree 2085/1994, of October 20, 1994, establishes the general requirements to be met by companies involved in the assembly and dismantling of the installations included in the aforementioned regulation.

Sections 37 and 38 of the Instructions MI-IP 03 and MI-IP 04, approved by Royal Decree 1523/1999, of October 1, establish that the assembly, maintenance, conservation and, if necessary, repair of the installations must be carried out by their own teams or by duly authorized installation companies, and indicate, in general, the obligations and responsibilities of the aforementioned companies.

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