What is Popla code?

What is Popla code?

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In such sense, he explained that more than 78,000 meeting points were determined at the constituency level, where the consultations will take place and in which the voters may deliver their proposals in writing or bring them identified and present them orally in the corresponding place.

“In all cases, the principle of respecting the criteria of the voters will be complied with and no discussions will be established with them”, detailed Balseiro Gutiérrez, who added that the categories of modification, addition, elimination and doubts are maintained in the proposals of the voters, as well as those of favorable and others.

-The constitution of electoral commissions of constituencies and special commissions is foreseen, as well as special commissions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Revolutionary Armed Forces. The inauguration of their members will take place between December 24 and 30.

-The members of the special electoral commissions of the municipalities have already been identified, in order to facilitate the collection and delivery of information from several districts to the Municipal Electoral Council. The auxiliary groups for information processing at the municipal level have also been created, which are made up of jurists and electoral experts.

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The current Family Code of Cuba was approved in 1975, placing the Antillean nation in the group of countries at the forefront in the recognition of fundamental rights. Since that time, population dynamics changed and it was necessary to make adjustments in the legal processes to adapt them to these new social realities.

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Several experts have referred to the new Family Code as the Code of Affections, in allusion to its inclusive nature and the distancing it assumes from the traditional filial concept, circumscribed to blood relations, extending its coverage to socio-affective relations.

With regard to the treatment of the aging population phenomenon, it promotes the recognition of the rights of the elderly, promoting their autonomy and family communication, and emphasizes family caregivers.

The fact that Cubans, both inside and outside the island, are today discussing the 24th version of the draft of the new Code is evidence that the legal text has undergone a broad democratic process for its elaboration.

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According to official sources, around 78 thousand meeting points were set up throughout the Cuban territory so that citizens could express their approval, disagreement or modification proposals to the project that has already received the approval of the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP).

The secretary of the National Electoral Council (CEN), María Esther Bacallao, affirmed that the transparency of the popular consultation is guaranteed with the presence of 1,428 supervisors and 27,891 collaborators who will serve throughout the country as guarantors.

#Cuba The text of the Family Code that today reaches the hands of the people, available in apps, websites and in printed version, traveled a long way before being submitted to the voters’ consideration. We bring you closer to this journey. https://t.co/YobmNZUgOq – Communist Party of Cuba (@PartidoPCC)

The Cuban Constitution proclaimed on April 10, 2019, established that the new Code of Families would be the result of a broad popular consultation and referendum to be called by the ANPP, given the high importance that the state gives to the family institution.

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It is a document that had 23 versions, the result of a broad consultation process and that now has the green light after the modifications made by the contributions and proposals of the legislators during these days of debate at the Havana Convention Palace.

The minister recalled that an apk was created to facilitate the analysis of the draft bill and an electronic address was enabled “that allows every Cuban to be a legislator”. In addition, fruitful exchanges were held with deputies, in which eight proposals were accepted.

He added that “the project does not manufacture or impose models, it is a reflection of the Cuban reality. It places Cuba and its people in a position that captures the differences and protects them. It is a project of additions and multiplications, the result of the participation of all, a modern, inclusive and protective law of all rights”.

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