What is local registration authority?

What is local registration authority?

What is issuing authority

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The “Common Data File (CDF) formats” define how LEI issuing organizations communicate their LEI and related reference data. Based on this standard, LEI issuers will identify the local authority source associated with the legal entity via the BusinessRegisterEntityID field, which contains two elements:

Certification Authority

On the same date, both Law No. 20,711 (published in the Official Gazette on January 2, 2014) implementing the aforementioned Convention and Supreme Decree No. 81 (published in the Official Gazette on November 28, 2015) approving the regulations of this law also came into force.

People residing outside the Metropolitan Region and who do not have someone to take care of this procedure, can send us the original documentation through the Provincial Governor’s Office corresponding to their domicile. We do not receive documentation sent directly by private individuals.

Registration authority digital signature

If local authorities are enabled for your institution (a task to be completed by Ex Libris), local authority records can be created that ignore the global authority records provided with Alma in the Community Zone. For more information, see Creating local authority records.

For a list of scoring rules that are implemented when updating bibliographic records from the authority database, see Scoring rules implemented for updated bibliographic records.

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Alma supports Alma-based authority management. For an institution that manages local authority records and publishes them in the Community Zone, there is an option for the Alma community to contribute to these authority records (such as the National Library of Israel (NLI) implementation). If you are an institution that 1) currently manages an authority file locally, 2) publishes it in the Community Zone, and 3) would like other authorized members of the Alma community to contribute changes to this authority file, please contact Ex Libris to discuss the feasibility of your request. If your authority requirements match the criteria for this functionality, Ex Libris will work with you to implement this feature. See Working with NLI Integrated Authority Records for more information.

Certification of authorities

The regulation allows you to exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, erasure, limitation of processing, portability and the right not to be subject to automated individual decisions before whoever is processing your data (“controller”).

With this tool, a data controller can obtain an assessment to assist it in making decisions about the obligation to communicate to those affected by a security breach of personal data ENTER

If you are aware of the existence of photographs, videos or audios of sexual or violent content circulating on the Internet without the consent of the persons concerned, request their removal in the Agency’s Priority Channel.

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