What is a professional membership?

What is a professional membership?

Types of affiliation

It works as follows: a person with experience or facility in sales, called Affiliate, helps to disclose digital products of third parties. This disclosure can be done through social networks, blogs, YouTube videos or email marketing, for example. And whenever that Affiliate closes a deal, he/she receives a commission.

Although the Affiliate program has become more popular recently, it’s not new. If you remembered the cosmetics resellers, you got it right. The way these two strategies work is quite similar.

The most important difference is that here magazines and physical catalogs leave the scene and digital tools enter, such as platforms specialized in the sale and dissemination of digital products.

For this process to occur, an online platform is needed, which makes the products available, generates the disclosure links, delivers the commissions in a secure way, in addition to other functionalities that help both the Producer and the Affiliate to boost their sales.

Right Affiliation

Affiliation is the procedure through which a person joins a corporation, an institution, a political party, a social work, a trade union, among others, as an integral part of the same, generating also a record of the mentioned membership.

Generally, the concept of affiliation is associated with joining a union, a social work, or a political party, although the process may occur in other areas and institutions, for example, academic ones.

Affiliation to a social welfare organization may be direct, i.e., the affiliate decides to become a member of that social welfare organization and pays a monthly fee to receive medical care when needed, or it may be compulsory due to his/her employment situation, i.e., the job offers that social welfare organization and he/she will not have to pay anything extra for the services provided.

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Meanwhile, and as we have already mentioned, the affiliate is the person who associates with others to form a society or a certain organization, political party, social work, union, among others, which precisely require an affiliation to be able to integrate it and be beneficiaries of what it provides.

What is health affiliation?

A.3) Technological and research centers and institutes with their own legal personality and not-for-profit status, which participate in projects of the National R&D&I Plan or equivalent plans at regional, national or international level.

B.2) Non-profit institutions with their own legal personality, which have important digital content relevant to the scientific-technical community and which make it available to the community.

The letter, together with the application, should be sent to the address below. The Institutional Relations Department may contact the organization to request, if necessary, the sending of additional information.

The data processing agreement will be sent through the Portafirmas of Red.es for electronic signature of both parties, once the affiliation has been completed, signed and accepted (Affiliation Form).

Personal affiliation

Royal Decree 84/1996, dated January 26, 1996, approving the General Regulations on the registration of companies and affiliation, registration, deregistration and variations of workers’ data in the Social Security system.

Royal Decree 1258/1987, of September 11, 1987, which regulates the registration of companies and the affiliation, registration, deregistration, cancellation and variations of workers in the Social Security system, was intended to reinforce the principles of rationalization and efficiency in the management of these Social Security functions by the Social Security General Treasury, facilitating its administrative actions and allowing the integral processing of the corresponding data, not only for the statistical exploitation of the system but also for the adequate information to the interested parties and for them to obtain the benefits established by the system itself.

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Chapter III of Decree 2346/1969, of September 25, regulating the Special Social Security Scheme for Domestic Service, as well as Article 14 thereof, in the wording given by Royal Decree 2110/1994, of October 28.