What is a business registration certificate?

What is a business registration certificate?

Commercial Registry Spain

In order to speed up the process of incorporation of companies, and under Law 14/2013 of September 27, 2013, to support entrepreneurs and their internationalization, the Central Mercantile Registry has created the Exchange of Company Names, which will allow the entrepreneur to make a query on a set of 1500 available company names so that they can be assigned immediately to interested parties.

The negative certification is valid for three months (renewable for the same period). After six months from the issuance of the certification without the registration of the company in the Provincial Mercantile Registry, the company name becomes free.

Certificate of good standing of a company

The Certificate of the Commercial Registry contains the validity of the company and all the current positions, that is to say, this document certifies the validity of a company, as well as of all the current social representatives, or of the specific representative of this company that is indicated.

With the Annual Accounts of the Mercantile Registry you will know the balance sheet, profit and loss account, annual report, etc, of any company. Specifically, the annual accounts contain the company’s name, registered office, VAT number, corporate purpose, annual report. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account, and the rest of the documentation presented by the company.

The Articles of Association of a company registered in the Mercantile Registry are the document that contains all the rules that govern the internal functioning of a company, from the rights and obligations of the shareholders to the functions of the Board of Directors.

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The Articles of Incorporation of a company regulate from its birth to its end, establishing its name, its domicile, its purpose, its capacity, the rights and duties of the partners and of the members of its administration and management, the corporate relations, among the partners themselves, their relations with respect to the company, and those of the company with third parties, the formation of its assets, the form of their investment and the destination of the same, in the event that the company is dissolved.

Your company in one day certificates

A company certificate is a document that shows your current relationship as an employee or former employee. It is mandatory in order to request unemployment benefits from the SEPE, it is an essential requirement.

Thanks to it, the SEPE official will be able to consult the Social Security contribution base, as well as the date of the sick leave notification. It is precisely this information that the SEPE (INEM) will use to calculate what you are entitled to receive with your DARDE card.

It is important that the causes of the dismissal appear in your company certificate. This can be of several types, disciplinary dismissal, dismissal due to the end of a temporary contract or simply because the company decides to dismiss you because you do not meet the expectations they had in the job interview.

For the company certificate to be valid, it must be signed by the company you worked for. When you go to the SEPE office or apply for unemployment benefits through the E-Office, you will have to present this document.

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Certificate of updated bylaws

The certificates issued by the simplified system are not totally equivalent to those of the traditional system, but according to the law they are equally valid to prove the existence and validity of your company or corporation.

The “copy of registration of the incorporation of a company with marginal annotations, in force” in the traditional system, is equivalent to the “updated statute”, “in force” and “annotations” certificates, as a whole, of the simplified system.

To prove the legal status of a company or corporation created under the Simplified System and registered in the Registry of Companies and Corporations, you must do it through a Certificate of Updated Statute that indicates who has the administration of the company or corporation, as long as the administration is explicitly defined in the corporate bylaws.

For companies and partnerships incorporated or migrated to the Register of Companies and Partnerships there is no registration in the commercial registry or publication in the official gazette and these cannot be required to qualify your application.

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