What does MSc pre-registration means?

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So, it is a good opportunity not only to participate in an international activity, with all that this implies, but also to know how the scout centers work (remember that you can read about them here).

It includes accommodation, camping equipment, food, most of the activities that will be carried out (except those that you want to do on your free day), a barbecue, a typical Swiss dinner…

The Scout Group Vivak-Santa Lucia, located in Santander, is preparing a work camp for routes in Herrera de Ibio, Cantabria, from April 2 to 5, called Vivak Work Camp.    They have already opened the registration period for the 30 places that are offered, which will close on March 15.

If your route clan is interested in participating and you want to make a reservation or you need more information about the activity, please contact directly with the Vivak-Santa Lucia Scout Group at [email protected]

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Qualification: A high school diploma in conjunction with the University Entrance Examination (PAU) entitles you to university entrance in Germany. Regardless of the type of high school you have completed, you can apply for admission to any degree program.

Applicants with degrees from other countries can find the admission requirements here. Applicants from other countries who need to take a preparatory course/assessment test can also find more information here.

– In addition to the NC, other criteria are also considered in the selection process of students, for example, specific grades in certain subjects, a letter of motivation, a personal interview or a knowledge test.

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On the other hand, in order to apply for an international degree program, German language skills do not normally have to be demonstrated. Instead, sufficient proficiency in English and in some cases other languages must be demonstrated.

Exchange students going to Germany for one or two semesters (e.g. Erasmus) sometimes do not need to demonstrate language skills, but this depends mostly on their home university.

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Hello families! First of all, we hope you have been well these days. We are writing to let you know that the pre-registration period for the next course is open. In the following link there will be a form with the information to complete. The period will be open until July 1st.

-From the group it was decided to donate to the Hospital of Albacete a total of 1000 € (from the contributions that each of the families that form this group have made) for the purchase of medical supplies that will be useful for the treatment of people admitted.

-The Diocese of Albacete has ceded the Retreat House to the Hospital. Several Scouters of the group volunteered to finalize the preparations to leave the facilities ready to be transferred to the Hospital (News in the digital of Albacete: https://www.eldigitaldealbacete.com/2020/04/04/coronavirus-la-casa-de-ejercicios-ya-esta-preparada-para-el-uso-del-hospital-de-albacete/).

-Through the WhatsApp groups, there have been initiatives to collaborate with. For example, several families have donated tablets to collaborate with Asprona users in Hellin who lack measures or ways to entertain themselves in their rooms.

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There are several tools that can help you choose the right training offer for your level and your field of study within the framework of French higher education. In particular, the online catalogs of Campus France.

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Enrolling in a distance learning program in a French higher education institution is for the moment the best way to learn more about the campus of the institution that will host you for the 2022/2023 academic year, if you cannot come to France because of the epidemic situation in your country. The catalog “My distance learning” will help you to choose a 100% online or hybrid (distance and on-site) degree program.

Erasmus Mundus joint masters are international study programs of excellence, delivered in at least two different countries. The degree is awarded by a consortium of European higher education institutions. The European Union offers scholarships to the best students.

A PhD is usually prepared at a doctoral school, attached to a university. It should be noted that more and more engineering schools and some grandes écoles de gestion also award doctoral degrees, in collaboration with a doctoral school. See our article on how doctorates work in France for more information.

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