What does it mean progeny not eligible for registration?

Linked genes

Breeding[1] is also the name given to the action of raising animals, referring to animal husbandry in the case of domestic animals for production purposes, and to zoo husbandry in the case of wild species in captivity or semi-captivity.

Biological offspring can be transmitted through the male or female (bilaterally) or only through one of them (unilaterally). Unilateral descent can be patrilineal or matrilineal. Legal descent is the transmission of rights and duties, and includes inheritance of property and succession to a social position. Both link one generation to the next in a systematic way.

Plant breeding

The Certificate of Registration is the official document that certifies the genealogical background (parents, grandparents and great-grandparents) of an animal, and that certifies the blood purity of the animals and their progeny. This document is required in events, exhibitions, livestock contests or any other where proof of identity and offspring is required.

– In case of inconsistency in the information registered in the FREG 004 Application for crossbreeding certificate for female, an e-mail will be sent informing the reason for the return, so that the respective correction can be made and sent back to the Association.

Chromosome mapping

In biology and particularly in genetics, the parent or parents of a progeny, that is, the individual or individuals whose reproduction, whether sexual or asexual, causes the transmission of a genetic inheritance, is called parental.

In biology we also call intraspecific relationships to the biotic relationships that are established between organisms of the same species and this is divided into a family degree or by degree of kinship:

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In the case of humans, the parents are the father and the mother. In the case of living beings that reproduce asexually, for example by binary fission, the mother cell, after its division, originates two daughter cells, that is to say, it duplicates itself, but without there being death for it.

this term is used to establish an adequate control over the use that minor children exercise on some communication equipment, intertet, and other communication activities and other electrical equipment, which need parental supervision, parental control that determines what some can see the television, and/or do on a communication network.

Genetic improvement examples

Offspring inherit 50% of the genetic merit of each of their parents: The PED expresses that 50%. The EBV methodologically expresses 100% of what each parent transmits (the offspring receive half). Therefore, a DEP is half of the EBV. 1 DEP = 1⁄2 EBV

The Breedplan Angus Argentino Group (GBPAA) is driven by common objectives and is formed mainly (not exclusive or limiting) by veterinarians who, with the passage of time, became breeders, who, out of personal interest, have always sought to improve the activity in which they have developed professionally.

All members are united by the same innovative spirit, developing their herds under natural grazing conditions, prioritizing reproductive efficiency without neglecting the growth or quality characteristics of the cattle within the breed standard.

The estimation of differences in progeny or PED’s is the prediction of the genetic merit that an animal transmits to its progeny. From the moment a calf receives half of the genes from each sire the PED = ½ EBV

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