What Colour is my Peugeot?

What Colour is my Peugeot?

Table of colors peugeot 2008

However, when the vehicle is like new, it is necessary to look for the paint by the color code of the car. This can be done through the VIN number or the labels found on some cars.

To look up the paint by the color code associated with the VIN, you need to call the dealer, tell the VIN number to the operator and wait for him to look up the information in his database. Once it has found it, it will be able to tell you the paint code of the car.

Peugeot color chart

On the one hand we have a solid White without too much personality and that is nothing more than a usual and popular color that, yes, will convince most who see it. The good thing about this color is that it has a very low price and that will be an advantage when facing a future sale of second hand. A disadvantage is that, like all white paints, it will get dirty very easily.

Borrasca Blue is a rather peculiar color that we are not used to seeing on rival models in the segment. It is an intense blue but not too dark so it is a fairly standard color and is not a very daring bet. This blue also contrasts well with the elements of the body in black and hide quite better than other colors the dirt that accumulates.

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This Magnetic Blue, unlike the previous one, is both intense and dark. It is a color that tends more to black so it will not highlight so much the dark elements of the bodywork. The good thing is that it will hide well the dust that accumulates on the bodywork and is a fairly simple option for those who want to get out of their comfort zone. Color different from the classic but not too bold a tone.

Peugeot 206 color chart

It’s funny, the first three of this forum we have chosen the artense gray color when in my house all are against me for having chosen that color. It is a color that does not appear in the promotional videos, nor in the photos on the Internet …. I could only see it in the configurator

Ha, ha. In the end I have changed the gray color for orange and I have put the alarm and the 11 kW on-board charger. I haven’t been able to see it in orange yet. I can’t tell you how happy I am to read your opinion about the orange color.

At least we have left the typical “free” black or white for something nicer like orange (important to mention that it is metallic and not pearlescent, it is not normal to give a metallic color).

The color is something very personal, what one person thinks is very cool, another one may not like it. What I personally like about orange and blue electric is that they are not very common. I’ve had white, black, gray, and gray before.

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Hello, we saw it in the 5008 and we also liked the contrast of gray with the black roof, without being flashy and great contrast but with an elegant point. If you haven’t had it delivered yet a few weeks ago I uploaded some pictures here in the group. Regards

Table of colors peugeot 207

When buying a touch-up brush, paint can, or paint the car, we have found that we do not know what is the color code of the paint of our car, then we explain where you can see it and thus be able to get the same color that takes your car.

The photos, which may not belong to the brand mentioned on this page, are merely information for you to distinguish the shape / place where you will find the color code of your vehicle. These locations are shown below.

Some manufacturers, in addition to the locations mentioned above, place a sticker in the books that are delivered with the sale of the vehicle (on the back cover or inside pages) with an explanation of their data.

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