Is pharmacology a dying career?

Is pharmacology a dying career?

Career in pharmacy spain

Are you one of those who have big goals, such as making progress in gene therapy, for example against cancer or HIV, developing more efficient transgenic foods, fighting climate change and the extinction of species or generating new and more efficient drugs? Then a career in biochemistry may be for you. Read carefully. We tell you what the career is about and what you could do for a living.

A biochemist studies and researches the cell and the chemical nature of the compounds in a cell, as well as the chemical changes that take place in it and how living beings are affected if these chemical variables are altered.  It does so from a molecular point of view and seeks to understand and apply its knowledge to broad sectors of medicine (gene therapy and biomedicine), agri-food, pharmacology.

Biochemistry is an experimental science with a promising present and future, as the basis of biotechnology and biomedicine. Biochemistry is basic to the formation of transgenic organisms and foods, bioremediation or gene therapy, and is a beacon and hope for the great challenges of the 21st century. There is no doubt that the changes it will bring will greatly benefit humanity. Are you up for it?

Pharmacy university career

We train competitive professionals with our Learning by Doing methodology based on simulated clinical cases that confront you with real situations, generation of ideas and their transformation into real projects, to become a highly qualified pharmacist and be able to successfully access the labor market.

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It uses the most modern facilities of the university and the main collaborating centers and institutions. To make the most of our innovative academic model, Universidad Europea offers you a range of advanced facilities equipped with the most innovative technologies:

Own title that is not part of the official degree, which can be taken optionally.Module I: Acquisition of a community pharmacy: Legislation, taxes, obligations and expenses.First Course: 3 ECTS.IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:Syllabus:Module II: Learning the economics of an SME: my Community Pharmacy.Second Course: 3 ECTS.IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:Syllabus:Module III: Corporate Social Responsibility of the community pharmacist. Services that the Community Pharmacy can provide and the importance of Pharmaceutical Marketing.Third Course: 3 ECTS.IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:SUBJECT MATTER:Module IV: The Community Pharmacy of the XXI Century, towards maximum profitability.Fourth Course: 3 ECTS.IMPORTANT QUESTIONS:SUBJECT MATTER:SUBJECT MATTER:

Where to study pharmacy in spain 2021

The Organic Law 5/2002, of June 19, 2002, on Qualifications and Vocational Training, establishes in Article 10.2 that the Educational Administrations, within the scope of their competences, may extend the contents of the corresponding vocational training degrees.

Royal Decree 954/2008, of June 6, in its First Repealing Provision, repeals Royal Decree 559/1995, of April 7, 1995, which establishes the curriculum of the intermediate level training cycle corresponding to the degree of Pharmacy Technician, established under Organic Law 1/1990, of October 3, 1990, on the General Organization of the Educational System.

Likewise, the curriculum of this training cycle is established from the respect for the pedagogical, organizational and management autonomy of the centers that provide vocational training, promoting the teamwork of the teaching staff and the development of training, research and innovation plans in their teaching field and the actions that favor the continuous improvement of the training processes.

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Why choose pharmacy as a career

We train professionals through simulated clinical cases that confront you with real situations from the first course, safe simulation environments such as our Simulated Hospital, Simulated Community Pharmacy Office and virtual reality laboratory.

Complete planning: you will have all the organization of your studies from the beginning. Live virtual classes, adapted to your work schedule. They will be recorded in case you could not attend or you want to watch them again. Intuitive and dynamic virtual campus, you can access from any device.

We also train you in the research and marketing of drugs and medical devices. After completing the degree in Pharmacy, it is time to make the decision and enter the working world. Where can I work? You will be qualified to work in the main areas of activity related to pharmaceutical products, i.e. research and development, production and quality control, marketing, pharmaceutical care and management:

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