Is a system to register deaths and births?

Is a system to register deaths and births?

What is the marriage record for?

Click on search and the records related to the surnames and names you just entered will appear; if none of the records is the one you are looking for (Check the full surnames and names, as well as dates of birth), select REGISTER UNIDENTIFIED.

“Births that are not live; i.e. stillbirths are not the subject of the record in the REVIT – births tool; however if there are cases of double births or more and one of them is a live birth and the other or others are stillbirths if they are recorded but because there is a live birth, remember that in current birth information you must indicate how many live and stillbirths occurred in the current birth.”

The health professional should correctly record the mother’s residence, starting with the province, then canton and finally parish. It is important to consider that the parish of residence is often unknown to the general public, for which the health professional should give the options of parishes contained in the system according to the canton of residence previously registered; if none of the options is correct for the mother, the health professional will register the cantonal head that is assigned to the disaggregation of the parish of residence; that is, the one that is coded and ends with 50; as shown in the following figure:

Hospital birth registration

VI. In principle, the traditional system has also been followed for names and surnames. The novelties regarding the proper name are aimed at making it a truly distinctive sign, while ensuring concordance between the civil name and the name imposed at baptism. Other novelties, such as the surnames of the natural or adopted child, respond to very sensible sentimental interests. The administrative competence in the changes has a formally more flexible regulation at the same time that more automatic in its material aspect.

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IX. The most important novelty in the third section, “Deaths”, is constituted by the possibility of registration even if the corpse has disappeared or has been buried. It is not intended to undermine the precepts of the Code on the declaration of death, since in the cases contemplated in the new Law it is known, without any doubt, that the person has died.

The Civil Registry constitutes proof of the registered facts. Only in cases of lack of inscription or in which it is not possible to certify the entry, other means of proof will be admitted; but in the first case it will be an indispensable requirement for its admission that, previously or simultaneously, the omitted inscription or the reconstitution of the entry has been requested.

Importance of civil registration for children

The “Marriage” section opens with the registration of the act of celebration of the marriage, regardless of the form in which it was performed. The sentence and resolutions on nullity, divorce or separation and all those acts that suppose the end of the conjugal relationship must also be registered. The regimes of the conjugal society and the acts and resolutions that alter them can also be registered.

The publicity is limited in the cases of non-marital filiation, adoption, causes of marital nullity, divorce, marital separation, suspension of parental authority or rectification of sex.

Registration of births

In a task coordinated by the San Cristóbal District Municipality, the collaboration of the Alto Paraná Government and the Departmental Coordination of the REC under the direction of Abg. María Magdalena Riveros, and members of the Legal Clinic in charge of Abg. Brizzy Chequera, and Abg. Nelly Narváez of the University Extension of the Law School (UCA) who assisted more than a hundred people with their registration processes.

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Multidisciplinary service days organized by the Ministry of Women, through the Ciudad Mujer Mobile Program were developed with massive attendance of beneficiaries in the districts of Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia and Filadelfia in the department of Boquerón.

With the participation of officials and authorities of the Civil Status Registry, a brief and illustrative talk took place to promote the prevention and awareness of prostate cancer and nutrition in people with diabetes.

Within the framework of the Agreement signed between the General Directorate of the Civil Registry (DGREC), in charge of Mr. Ariel Centurión, and the National Secretariat of Culture (SNC), technical officials of the National Archive conducted a survey of the state of the books of births, marriages and deaths records at the Civil Registry Headquarters (REC).