How much does it cost to register a partnership?

How much it costs to incorporate a company

It is also necessary to present a series of documents to the Treasury and to keep the accounts up to date, so that the Tax Agency can keep track of tax obligations. This is why many freelancers hire an agency or consultancy to help them with these tasks.

A Limited Company generally operates from a specific location. Most entrepreneurs choose to rent or buy an establishment that serves as an office. So the cost of renting or buying the business premises must also be taken into account in the costs of starting up as a limited liability company.

Costs of a limited liability company

The first thing you must do if you want to create your SL is to go to the Mercantile Registry and proceed to the registration of the company. With this step, we avoid the possible confusion of not being able to register two companies with the same name. But this step also has an economic charge. To register your SL has a cost of between 40 to 100 euros. It is necessary to incorporate a registered office in the Mercantile Registry. This is the place where the associated professional activity will be carried out.

It is important to bear in mind that when you decide to create an SL, you have to face a series of fiscal obligations. For example, to present a series of documents to the tax authorities. In addition, you will have to keep the accounting of the company up to date. In this way, the Tax Agency will be able to keep track of your tax obligations. This is where tax consultants come into play. Many freelancers are not able to have an orderly and rigorous accounting and, therefore, hiring these services can save many headaches in the future.

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How much it costs to incorporate a company in mexico 2020

If you have already decided the type of company you are going to establish, it is necessary to choose the appropriate name to identify it. It is essential that the name you choose has no similarity or resemblance to another company, as this will slow down the approval process. This will delay the development of the opening of the activities.

If you already have in mind the denomination with which you want your business to be identified, it is necessary that you go as soon as possible to the nearest office of the Commercial Registry of Colombia to carry out the registration procedure of your company.

As I have said before, the development of the establishment of a company in Colombia is simple. In another sense, when we link with the registration of the entity, it is significant to take into account that the person who will manage the registration is natural or legal. Based on this information, some of the procedures to be managed may be different.

The necessary period that it may take to create a company in Colombia may vary, since it is not the same to establish a micro-company than a macro-company. There are processes that must be taken into account, such as the registration, the legal aspect, whether it is a natural or legal person, among other regulations. In general, the establishment procedure can take a few months.

How much does a lawyer charge to incorporate a company?

Whether for a business venture or because you need to expand the operations of your business, if you have decided that the destination country for this goal is Mexico, it is necessary that you know the costs and necessary steps to carry it out.

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Remember that the corporate name is not the same as the commercial name or brand. It is like referring to your first name and your pseudonym. The corporate name of a restaurant can be Inversiones MexiFood35461 S.RL and the trademark El Hogar del Taco.

If you want to use a trade name for marketing purposes, you must register it with the Mexican Institute of Intellectual Property (IMPI), which can cost approximately $2500.00.

4. To obtain the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) before the offices of the Tax Administration Service (SAT). In this way, you will be able to obtain the tax identification cell or RF, open the bank account and establish the future tax burdens of the company. This procedure is free of charge and, to carry it out, you must access the page by clicking here.

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