How much does it cost to register a partnership business in Ghana?

Where is Ghana

A person engaged in business activities may associate with other persons to create a company or register as a sole trader. Foreign companies may register a branch in El Salvador.

A person who wishes to exercise a commercial, industrial or service activity, without creating a company, can register as a sole trader. The process can be done in person or partially online. Depending on the value of your assets, you must do the following procedures:

The deeds of incorporation, modification, transformation, merger and liquidation of companies must be registered in the office of the Commercial Registry. The legal personality of the companies is perfected by the registration in the Commercial Registry of the respective documents.

Corporations can be of Capital and of Persons: The capital corporations are: Corporations (S.A.) and Limited Partnerships by Shares or Limited Partnerships by Shares. The persons corporations are: a) Partnerships in Collective Name or General Partnerships, b) Limited Partnerships or Limited Partnerships and c) Limited Liability Companies.

What is life like in Ghana?

When the APS expires, if the business is viable, one must apply for a carte de séjour temporaire mention entrepreneur-profession libérale (temporary residence card with the indication “entrepreneur-profession libérale”), which authorizes one to exercise a professional activity on one’s own account.

Formerly called “autoentreprise”, the microenterprise is a simplified tax, accounting and social regime for sole proprietors. The main limitation of this regime is the turnover ceiling which cannot be exceeded and which varies according to the type of activity. Moreover, the status of microenterprise is compatible with an activity as an employee or with the receipt of unemployment benefits. It is a practical and not very restrictive regime to create a company without personal risk. Find out more at Agence France Entreprendre.

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Contact the chamber of commerce and industry or the chamber of arts and crafts in your region. They provide free advice, organize courses, and offer logistical support to business creators.

Ghana data

Farmers are forced to sell cocoa at a lower price despite the introduction of a $400 per ton premium intended to ensure them a living wage. Keystone / Legnan Koula

Farmers in Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s largest cocoa producing country, are getting less money for their cocoa despite the introduction of an additional levy on the price to ensure them a living wage.

“If the human right to a living income cannot be recognized, how can all the other human rights of cocoa-producing families be sustainably respected?” asks Walker.English translation: Andrea Ornelas

What people are like in Ghana

Growing up in Jamestown, one of the oldest districts of Accra, Ghana, Susana Dartey saw the daily abuse and exploitation faced by female sex workers, which inspired her to set up the Women of Dignity Alliance (WODA) to empower female sex workers and fight the inequalities they face.

UNAIDS Solidarity Fund supports sex workers in Ghana 04 February 202204 February 202204 February 2022Susana Dartey grew up in Jamestown, one of the oldest districts in Accra, Ghana, and it was there that she witnessed the daily abuse and exploitation faced by female sex workers. It was this that inspired her to create the Women’s Alliance for Dignity (WODA) to empower sex workers and combat the inequalities they face.

To address these obstacles, Ms. Dartey is determined to empower sex workers to become role models for women in their community through the Women Empowered Through Social Entrepreneurship project, which is supported by the UNAIDS Solidarity Fund.

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