How long is pharmacy pre-reg exam?

How long is pharmacy pre-reg exam?

Call for applications uaem 2021-2022

As we mentioned before, the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos applies the CENEVAL EXANI-II exam. This is an exam that provides information about the potential that applicants have to begin their studies at the professional level, it is used as a tool to support the admission process in many universities throughout the country.

The CENEVAL EXANI-II is designed for people who have completed high school and aspire to enter higher education in institutes, colleges or universities that have contracted Ceneval’s services.

The EXANI-II Admission asks 110 questions distributed as follows:  100 are for grading and 10 test questions, which are included to know if they are functional in the exam and to decide if they will be integrated in future versions in which they will count. The maximum time given to solve the test is 3 hours.

The tests are an excellent way to review and study in the days before your exam. With the famous tests you will be able to check which subjects or topics you have mastered better and which you have not, so that you can focus your efforts where necessary, and if you share exams with your friends to test each other, you will be able to find things that you have forgotten or thought you understood when you did not.


We are looking for bright students, from all corners of the world, with curiosity, an interdisciplinary mindset and a desire to improve society. People whose talents and experiences will propel our university forward.

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The actual test time will be two hours (120 minutes). The time is divided as follows: verbal reasoning (40 minutes), grammar/writing (35 minutes) and quantitative reasoning (45 minutes). During the time allotted for each particular section, the student must work only on that section and may not move on to a previous or subsequent section. convocatoria medio superior level 2021

If you want to know and practice with questions that have been used in previous applications of the Saber Pro exam, we invite you to consult the practice booklets available below. If you are looking for tips on how to understand and correctly answer each of the tests, download the sample questions explained.

Consult here resolution 000530 of November 12, 2020 “Whereby Resolutions 631 of 2015 and 368 of 2020 are modified in relation to the prohibited conducts in the State exams in the virtual modality.”

Here you will find information about the State Examination of the Quality of Higher Education, Saber Pro. For people with disabilities, we have provided some informative materials in accessible formats, LSC and audios.

According to resolution 675 of 2019, during the registration process, applicants who are reported with a disability other than motor disability may choose (i) the type of exam, which varies between the standard booklet and the booklet with reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities, and (ii) the presentation or not of the English test when selecting the booklet with reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities.

Uaem guide for admission exam 2021

At Norbert Wiener University we want to thank you for your confidence in our educational proposal. Our exponential growth within the framework of the SUNEDU Licensing is the best recognition of the Exceptional Educational Experience that we seek to provide you every day.

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Therefore, we would like to inform you that, due to the improvements in infrastructure and the extension of the academic areas, during all of 2020 the sports workshops and the training of selections (Futsal Ladies and Men, Volleyball Ladies and Men, and Basketball Ladies and Men) will be held in the facilities of the Campo de Marte, with the notorious advantages in terms of special conditioning and expansion of the service (three multifunctional courts of 30 x 20 m each can be used simultaneously).

Norbert Wiener S.A. Private University. (hereinafter referred to as “THE UNIVERSITY”) is committed to protecting your privacy and complying with the laws on the protection and privacy of personal data. This Personal Data Protection Policy (hereinafter, the “Policy”) explains how THE UNIVERSITY will store and process your personal data in our database, which is why it is a priority for THE UNIVERSITY to have the express consent of applicants and students (undergraduate or graduate) for the processing of their personal data, for which, after reading this Policy, THE HOLDER must check the box on the APP and/or THE UNIVERSITY’s Website where it is indicated that he/she has read, understands and agrees with this Policy, granting his/her conformity and AUTHORIZING THE UNIVERSITY to carry out the processing of his/her personal data in accordance with Law N° 29733 – Personal Data Protection Law and its regulation Supreme Decree N°003-2013-JUS, under the following terms and conditions:

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