How do I register as a Startup?

How do I register as a Startup?

What it takes to set up a startup

Much of the important results for a startup come from the presentation, from the ability to summarize what your company is about and to arouse curiosity in others so that they want to know more. You talk about your company to everyone, every day, whether they are potential employees, investors or potential customers.

Put yourself in the shoes of the person to whom you are addressing your presentation. He or she will be a highly educated, startup-savvy, business-savvy person. He or she will want to like you, as this is a job for optimists.

Most companies don’t dazzle at conception. Precisely because they are in their early stages. Reviewers will take you as a proxy to determine whether you are likely to be the founder of a mega-company if given the opportunity.

Name the most amazing thing you’ve ever created. Startups create products and convince people to use them. The first skill is hard to learn from scratch. That’s exactly why we hope you’re not starting from scratch.

What is a startup

Being an innovative business, many times they do not have investment funds, so currently, there are different ways to obtain this capital, financing them in the following way:

It is also known as micro patronage and is a type of crowdfunding, where a group of people or entities make contributions. This financing is obtained through online platforms, where the entrepreneur proposes his project and in exchange for the financing he would grant a consideration, such as the free use of the business or others.

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Today in Latin America there is a significant number of startups that came to have a strong impact on society, reaching them to expand globally. Among the most promising startups in this region, there are some that have a strong social commitment, which try to provide solutions to basic needs that exist in the population.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that some startups in Bolivia, had a strong impact on the population, becoming increasingly known and used, because of the convenience they generate to be used through web pages, among these are:, Netbits, taxiNet, Mi gerente, among others.

Create startup colombia

More and more people are choosing to invest in a startup as a real alternative to traditional investment. With more or less money, they allocate part of their patrimony to invest in this type of companies being a high risk investment, but also with a high potential return.

It is important to know the sector of the startup in which you want to invest. Analyze what it consists of, what growth possibilities there are, how much competition it has, if there is a big player in the sector….

The final decision is yours, but it would be better to get as much information as you can. Make an exhaustive analysis about the options you have when investing, since this will be a commitment for the future. Although investing in a startup is always a risky move, remember that you can generate a high return if you choose well. So jump into the pool and remember these tips.

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How much it costs to create a startup

So if you already have your business plan, you have evaluated it and you know that it is viable, it is time to start your venture. How to do it? First of all, you must formalize your company. And no, it is not complicated, below Luigi Muzio Mongrut, tax partner of the accounting firm Villa Muzio & Asociados, explains step by step how to create a startup.

At this point, the accounting specialist explains that in case the startup is of a technological nature, it will have to be included, obligatorily by law, in the General Regime. This does not mean that you will pay more taxes, compared to the other regimes, or have complicated accounting processes, he explained.

Following these steps, your company will be complying with what the law requires and you will be able to work peacefully, said the representative of Estudio Contable Villa Muzio & Asoc. So now you know, entrepreneur, this way there will be no one to stop or hinder your startup. Everything is in your hands.

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