How do I lower the brightness of my LED?

How do I lower the brightness of my LED?

Low intensity LED spotlight

When turned on, most electronic devices dynamically illuminate their displays so that you can easily see in a variety of lighting conditions. However, the perceptible light coming from your screen is more complex than you think.

You can relax. While there are reasons to pay attention to the ways in which blue light can be harmful, there’s no need to worry. What is blue light? A simple way to define blue light is to view it as a range of high-intensity, short-wavelength visible light in a spectrum. Blue light is high-energy, visible light (HEV); it falls into the same visible category as violet light.

High-energy waves have short wavelengths and low-energy waves have long wavelengths. High-energy, short-length waves, such as ultraviolet rays, are imperceptible to the eye but fall into the same spectrum.

Darker colors such as violet and blue are closest in UV wavelength and strength. Lighter colors such as red or yellow are on the opposite side of the spectrum with longer wavelengths, and lower energy levels. The sun, lights, and the computer How much is too much? While we tend to think of blue light as coming directly only from screens, it is in fact naturally produced by the sun. Even indoors, fluorescent and LED bulbs are sources of blue light.

Dimmer for lamp

Dimmable products in the lighting sector refer to luminaires that can modify the light intensity. These dimmable spotlights with LED technology are characterized in being able to modify the environments of the spaces. This can be done with a LED dimmer or also called “Dimmer”.

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In the market there are different dimming modes. Most of the lights that can be dimmed are TRIAC or DALI type. Let’s go deeper into this topic. So, you will be able to know if your lights can be dimmed or not.

The first is that the product or spotlight is dimmable, since not all of them have this feature. It is therefore very important to look at the product data sheet or images where you can see this type of data. If, on the other hand, you have already bought a luminaire and you do not know if it can be dimmed, you should look at its box or packaging and look for the dimmable label.

The second thing to keep in mind is that the bulb contains a dimmer or dimmer with which to modify the intensity of the same. In most cases, these products are sold separately. For which it is necessary to keep in mind the amount of power that you want to regulate and the compatibility of the dimmer with the spotlight.

How to dim the light of a spotlight

An ideal way to create different atmospheres with the same luminaire is to use a dimmer, but not all of them work and it depends on the type of lamp or bulb. Here you will find all the relevant information so that you can buy the right dimmer for your LED lamp.

All lamps with halogen and incandescent bulbs are dimmable with any dimmer connector. As an exception, fluorescent tubes are not dimmable because they contain gas inside.

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If the lamp has an integrated LED (without the use of external bulbs), it is indicated by the term “Dimmable” or dimmable. The lamp does not usually have the dimmer, it is optional, but if you want to be able to vary the intensity, look for LED Dimmer.

If you need an LED dimmer, you have to buy it specifically for LED luminaires. Conventional dimmers will not work as they can cause flickering and buzzing. Always look for one that is suitable for LED lamps.

LED dimmer

With dimmable LED spotlights, you can control the amount of light to create the perfect ambiance. Watch the video to learn more about dimming capability and how to choose the right dimmable bulb.

Dimmers contain electronic components to prevent flicker and radio frequency disturbances. These components are necessary, but may hum due to their physical and material constraints. This behavior is normal. The noise level of products is tested during development, and only products that are within accepted noise limits are accepted.

Interference is possible if power cables are combined with speaker cables. This can be avoided by leaving a greater distance between the two lamp input cables and the audio installation.

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