How do I know my smart card number?

How do I know my smart card number?

Remove and insert the smart card all the way to the bottom sky

The Simple University card is a wallet card, made in collaboration with Santander Central Hispano, which accredits Students, Teaching and Research Staff and Administration and Services Staff as members of the university community.

If the photo is optimal, you will have to fill in a photo holder (document provided by the secretary’s office of your center). It is very important that you follow the instructions on the photo frame. Any deviation from these instructions will cause a long delay in the processing of your card.

From the time you request it until you receive it, an average of 30 days may elapse, counting from the date it is sent by your secretary’s office to the University Card Office, the longer your secretary’s office takes to send the request, the longer it will take for the card to be produced and received.

You can reapply at your school’s secretary’s office. If it is Financial, quickly cancel it at any Santander Central Hispano branch or through Superlínea (Tel. 902 24 24 24). In any case, request it again at the Secretary’s Office of your Center.

Sky Advisor

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Suppose you have a smart card reader installed on a Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 based computer. Insert a smart card into the reader, and then run an application that attempts to check the smart card PIN. In this situation, the application quits unexpectedly.

Sky telephone assistance

Signature applications One of the main uses of the DNI is the realization of electronic signature. To use this signature functionality, numerous applications can be employed, as they access the intermediate layers or modules of CSP and PKCS#11, which provide a standard card access interface.

These modules contain what is necessary to establish a secure environment for operation with the DNI and satisfy the security requirements applicable to the IT environment as described in the CWA 14169 protection profile.

How to use a sky decoder without a smartcard

One of the most frequently asked questions from users both on social networks and in the Sky help center is What is the smart card? Or, how do I find the Sky smart card? On this site you can find answers to these questions and learn all the information related to this topic.

The Sky smart card is a device that is located on the inside of the Sky set-top box. It is so, since, it has to be connected to your TV set in order to save it for every necessary event.

One of the procedures where it is necessary to have your smart card at hand is to register in Sky’s online services so that you can manage everything related to your subscription from one place.

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