How do I get my biometric card?

Fingerprint Card

When you file an application and/or petition with the U.S. Immigration Service, the office usually schedules an appointment (with specific time, place and date) to take your biometrics at an Application Support Center (ASC) designated by the office. Once you show up for the appointment, your fingerprints, photograph and signature will be taken.

The purpose of the biometric appointment is for the Immigration Service to confirm your identity, as well as to verify your background and/or criminal record and, of course, to verify that you are the same person who filed the application and/or petition.

Are you facing the situation of being outside the U.S. for your citizenship application? If so, remember that you must submit your FD-258 fingerprint card (go to the following website:, as well as your two photos with your U.S. citizenship application.                                                  Also, if an applicant who is on active military duty is outside the United States while making his/her application and/or petition, he/she should read in detail the following link:

Biometric Authentication Registrar’s Office

Attention channelThe online process is available nationwide. The payment can be made in person at the authorized collecting entity, or at the time of the application through the PSE system; enter the link and fill in the required fields. It is NOT necessary to make an appointment for the service.

DocumentCertification of demobilized person in the process of reincorporation and disengaged:1 Original(s)Additional Notes: The applicant must provide a copy of the certification issued by the Technical Secretary of the Operating Committee for the Abandonment of Weapons CODA or a copy of the list issued by the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, which must have an issue date of no more than ninety (90) calendar days. Once the condition of demobilized, in the process of reincorporation or disengaged is verified, the special, municipal, auxiliary and consul registrars will proceed to carry out the requested procedure with the exoneration of the payment.

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DocumentCertification of Person belonging to the LGTBI community in vulnerable condition:1 Original(s)Additional Notes: The authorization of exoneration corresponds to the Departmental Delegates, District Registrars and Consuls who have three days from the receipt of the request for exoneration, sent by the Municipal, Special and Auxiliary Registrars to decide the viability of the same.

Biometric ID card colombia

Signature applications One of the main uses of the DNI is the realization of electronic signature. To use this signature functionality, numerous applications can be used, since they access the intermediate layers or modules of CSP and PKCS#11, which provide a standard interface to access the card.

These modules contain what is necessary to establish a secure environment for operation with the DNI and satisfy the security requirements applicable to the IT environment as described in the CWA 14169 protection profile.

Biometric mastercard

Pilot programs with Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus use a fingerprint sensor on the card, offering an alternative to using a PIN or signature for payment authentication.

When the cardholder places their finger on the sensor, a comparison is made between their fingerprint and the fingerprint template previously registered and securely stored on the card, in order to authenticate the transaction. A green light and a red light are integrated into the card to indicate that the fingerprints match or do not match. Additional benefits of the biometric payment card include:

Mountain America Credit Union and Bank of Cyprus pilot programs will begin operating in early 2018 to evaluate the cardholder experience and biometric card technology in various retail environments. The Bank of Cyprus pilot uses technology from Gemalto, while the Mountain America Credit Union pilot features technology from Fingerprint Cards and Kona-I.

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