How do I activate my employer PAYE?

How do I activate my employer PAYE?

General Social Security Treasury

a) Average Premium Solidarity Regime with Defined Benefit, administered by COLPENSIONES, through which members or their beneficiaries obtain an old age, disability or survivors’ pension, or an indemnity, previously defined, in accordance with the provisions of the Law.

b) Individual Savings with Solidarity Regime is administered by the pension fund management companies (AFP), which is based on savings from contributions and their respective financial returns, solidarity through minimum pension guarantees and contributions to the solidarity fund.

Self-employed workers and in general, all natural persons residing in the country and Colombians domiciled abroad, who do not have the status of mandatory members and who are not expressly excluded by law.

By means of the free and voluntary selection of a pension administrator and the filling out of the form for joining or updating the General Pension System, if he/she is a dependent worker, such form must also be signed by the employer.

Ministry of Labor

The change of fund is effective in 5 working days, starting from the day you made the change. However, this term can be extended when in the same day (generally as a result of massive calls to change funds), a fund has a variation in its assets of more than 5%. In this case, the fund changes corresponding to the oldest requests are made and so on. Until the total number of changes is reached, in the following days.

If you have a discount mandate with your employer, you must revoke it so that your employer does not continue paying into your account. You can do this through your Virtual Branch with your RUT and Password or at any of our branches.

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The employer is the one who, by regulation, must provide the information of the workers. This is done once your new employer pays your contributions through the payroll. When the payment is made, your personal information is updated.

* The 57 Bis Transitory Regime and 54 Bis are no longer available to make new savings in Account 2, since they are not in effect as of January 1, 2017 and January 1, 2020.    However, savings made before this date will continue to be covered by this regime until their balances are extinguished.

Social Security

SP. Superintendencia de Pensiones – Gobierno de ChileHome / Pension Education / Pension System / AFP System / Mandatory Pension Contribution / Disability and Survivorship Insurance (SIS)icon shareShareShareDisability and Survivorship Insurance (SIS)Because workers may suffer disability or death, the fund managers are obliged to contract, as a whole, an insurance for their affiliates, called Disability and Survivorship Insurance (SIS).insurance, disability, survivorship

The new rate in force for the SIS for employers, independent and voluntary members and affiliates is 1.85% of the taxable remunerations and income, both for men and women. This rate is effective as of October 2021.

Important: The new rate in force for the Disability and Survivorship Insurance (SIS) for employers, independent and voluntary affiliates is 1.85% of the taxable remunerations and income for both men and women. This rate is effective as of October 2021.

Network system

4.1. Can I be forced to resign? No, resignation is a voluntary and unilateral act of the employee. If I do not resign, I will not be paid. What should I do if I do not resign? You should not resign but consult a professional about the actions to be taken in order to protect your rights. For this purpose, you can go to the corresponding DELEGATION and REGIONAL SUB-DELEGATION OF LABOR AND EMPLOYMENT, where through the Free Legal Advice and Support service, the agency’s lawyers will draft the Labor Telegrams to be sent.4.3. In the event of resignation, no severance payment is due, but rather the payment of wages for the period worked, vacations and proportional Christmas bonus.

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7.3. How long does the Social Security coverage last? The Social Security covers up to 3 months after the termination of the labor relationship, and covers all the benefits of the Mandatory Medical Program (PMO).