Do I still own my old number plate?

Do I still own my old number plate?

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The second adverb is almost more important than the first one since in our country neither the change of license plates by mere whim nor the choice of letters is allowed (here they will never withdraw a license plate for being offensive as it has happened in Canada). Everything you need to know about acrylic license plates The first question to answer, therefore, is: when can you request a change of license plate for your car?

The DGT warns that “the application for a new license plate is only accepted when the vehicle has an acronym from a province other than the one in which the interested party is domiciled”. In other words, you can only request a change of registration for two reasons: – you have bought a used vehicle registered in another province (and with an old license plate, one of those with the initials of the locality).

How to get a new license plate If you meet any of the above requirements and you want to apply for a new license plate for your car, the first thing you must do is to get a new technical inspection card at an ITV. To do this you will need: – a copy of the vehicle’s registration or registration record, which will be provided to you at the Jefatura Provincial de Tráfico (Provincial Traffic Headquarters) – the old technical inspection card

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So far so clear, but since the recent Traffic Instruction not only does not clarify the issue but, in my opinion, makes it even more complicated, I now ask myself the following question: can simple tin plates (that’s what license plates are) be considered part of the “technical conditions” of a vehicle?

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To summarize and not to make it more complicated: only if a vehicle meets certain “technical conditions” can it be registered. However, the registration plate itself has nothing to do with the “technical conditions” of the car. I don’t know if I have just explained myself.

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I want you to tell me if this is feasible or pure fantasy, because if it can be done I would jump right in where I have to go and in the future I could rescue license plates like my father’s 600, my uncle’s, etc, etc, etc.

The ITV does not provide the documentation. That is done by the DGT. What the ITV does is to technically authorize the circulation of the vehicle, but for that you must first have a license plate documented in the DGT, either a provisional one (usually the green “P”) or the definitive white one.

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The registration of a car as a historic vehicle is one of those procedures that in reality could be done in just one week and at a ridiculous cost, but that the administrations take great pains to complicate as much as possible, duplicating authorities whose competences overlap or overlap. Why? Well, in my opinion there are three reasons for this to be so:

The first thing that grates on your teeth a bit is why it has to be an authorized laboratory that does the report. I would understand this if it were not necessary to go through an ITV to verify that, indeed, what is said in the report corresponds to reality. Since it is the ITV who certifies, why can’t I be the one who prepares the report and the technical data sheet that is then verified in the inspection? It is as simple as the fact that these laboratories charge fees ranging from 190 to 400 euros.

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Of course, not any workshop or engineering can do it, they have to go hand in hand with the competent authority, in the case of Galicia, the Department of Industry, which usually seeks intermediaries through the University in a process that is not at all transparent, the truth.