Do I need a music license for a private party?

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Most artists and celebrities register their works to avoid plagiarism and to make a profit. In this way, music management companies look after their rights as authors and remunerate them. And here we are talking about SGAE, an organization that manages the commercial use of these works.

When the intellectual property of a work is recognized, both moral and economic rights come into play. The moral right as author of the work will always belong to you in a personal and non-transferable way. On the other hand, the economic right is the one that provides you with an economic benefit from the exploitation of your work; to you or your successors.

Cake walk in the sky was the first sung score of ragtime, an American musical genre that gave birth to jazz. Ben Harney was a precursor of the genre at the time, in 1897 he had already published a manual for adapting melodies to these syncopated rhythms.

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We are going to make a simulation to explain how to calculate your SGAE fee approximately in the case of a standard business. That is to say, without the plus associated to when it is a performance, a show or a concert.

The first thing we must be clear about is the type of business we have declared. For it, we will have to review the license of commercial activity and to see in which of the categories that SGAE contemplates fits better.

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If you have doubts, consult this document on the new SGAE rates. We can find an index between pages 14 and 17, where the categories of all commercial activities and sectors are represented.

Secondly, we have to identify which use of the repertoire we will make. Where? Among the double-entry tables with the amounts that allow us to calculate the tariff. In addition, we have to distinguish whether there is human performance or not; that is, if there is a live performance (such as a concert, orchestra…).

In the same table, we will see the breakdown of the commercial area sections on the left. There we will look for the section that corresponds to the extension of your premises. And in the upper zone we see the price plans:

Licensing Cups

It is the Peruvian Association of Artists and Composers that is in charge of watching over the rights of the Peruvian and foreign authors and songwriters that are affiliated. This association charges a certain amount, according to the musical repertoire used in events outside the domestic environment. And in this opportunity in which you will celebrate your wedding, we will tell you in which cases you must pay the Apdayc.

You will be able to make the formalities in person at the central or decentralized office of Apdayc corresponding to the district where you will celebrate your wedding or through the e-mail provided by the entity. You will only need copies of the venue rental and the sound equipment or orchestra. When you submit both documents, you will receive an affidavit with your names, venue and orchestra information, and costs. Once they return this document, Apdayc will evaluate it and will give them economic information and later the license. It is recommended that the process be completed at least one week or 15 days prior to the day of the wedding reception.

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Creative commons licensed music

Here are the main frequently asked questions that we are usually asked regarding the processing of opening, activity and operating licenses. We will try, as far as possible, to differentiate them by thematic sections.

Remember that apart from these frequently asked questions you also have the section “Frequently asked questions about the processing of opening and activity licenses” where we collect practical and real cases about the queries that we are usually asked via e-mail, telephone or in person. And of course you can use the search engine (in the bar on the left) to find specific articles on a particular topic (we have articles where we talk about all topics).

To open a company, trade or business you need a license. To adapt the premises or to carry out renovation works it is compulsory to obtain a building permit from the local town hall, issued by a qualified technician such as an architect.

What is the difference between Activity License and Opening License? Activity license or installation license is the municipal authorization on project for the beginning of works and installations in the premises of reference. Opening license or operation license is the municipal authorization on premises taking into account the previously granted Activity License.

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