Can you sell your private plate back to DVLA?

Can you sell your private plate back to DVLA?

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There are four ways to get a private license plate. You can buy one from the DVLA through their website or at auction. You can buy one from a private seller and you can buy one from a private license plate dealer.

All license plates have to conform to the basic format standards set by the DVLA. This includes the most loved car license plates. The rules are very strict and are strictly enforced. However, they do leave some leeway.

You can transfer your license plate from one vehicle to another. You just have to do some paperwork at the DVLA. If you want to sell your current vehicle before buying a new one, you can “park” your plates until you are ready to use them again.

Note: These plates are available for a variety of vehicles. Please refer to the list of options under Create a plate. The plate images presented here are for illustrative purposes only. Actual manufactured plates may vary in color and spacing of graphics and lettering.

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You will get the most money for your car when you sell it privately. Use online trading websites such as (autotrader), online auction sites such as Cars eBay or classifieds, for example gumtree.

You can also take your car off the road and register it – off the road (SORN) and if it cannot be sold, due to its poor condition, you may be able to sell it to a scrap yard for parts. Learn more about car-related problems in London.

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Used cars can be found at used car dealerships, private sellers, car auction showrooms, online car trading and in classifieds. Search for your nearest used car dealer or online auction sites, you can also visit used car websites like ebay cars, autotrader, gumtree, parkers, vcars, cargiant.

Every person who drives the car should be insured. You can check the Motor Insurance Database (MID) to see if your car has a valid insurance policy at

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There is something very special about having a personalized license plate. Apart from the fact that, no matter how much you pay for a private license plate, it will never be yours. The DVLA only assigns you a plate to use on a vehicle. If you decide to sell the vehicle and cease to be the registered keeper, you also transfer the plate to the new owner because the plate identifies the vehicle. However, it’s not all bad news because you can formally apply to the DVLA for a retention certificate. You should do this before you sell the vehicle because, as the supermarkets say, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

A personalized license plate can make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Contrary to what many people believe, a private license plate is not just for the rich who have so much money they don’t know what to spend it on. Yes, of course, there are the headline-grabbing private plates, and they can cost up to 500,000, or even more, but there are many registrations that sell for as little as 250. You have to add to that the cost of transferring the plate to your vehicle, which is a fee charged by the DVLA for doing so and is currently 80. So there you have it: for less than 350 you can have your own personalized registration to make your Ford Fiesta or VW Polo stand out from the crowd!

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As a leading DVLA license plate retailer, we can help you with everything from buying and selling license plates, to even helping you create the ideal license plate.        Plus, our service makes the entire license plate transfer process as easy as possible.

With so many DVLA license plates and private car license plates to choose from (not to mention the billions of combinations you could choose from!), we’re sure you’ll find your ideal private license plate with us.        Call our sales team on 01952 588 888.

Use our license plate finder to search for what you’re looking for. If you can’t find the specific license plate, don’t worry. Our extensive contact list allows us to find the perfect license plate for you and get you your new license plate at one of the most competitive prices on the market.

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