Can you check if someone has died UK?

DUKE OF EDINBURGH, husband of the Queen, DIES

When a person dies, family members may be entitled to benefits. The type of benefits and the possible beneficiaries differ from one EU country to another. Here are some of the most common benefits that a family member can claim.

A survivor’s pension is a monthly allowance corresponding to a percentage of the pension that the deceased person was receiving or would have received. It is paid to the next of kin. It is granted by the same agency that paid or would have paid the pension. The amount payable is calculated in the same way as an old-age pension.

Upon retirement, Els and Jan, citizens of the Netherlands, move to Italy. When Jan dies, Els is informed that she can apply for Dutch death benefit, but she does not know where to apply.

After clarifying this point with a European employment counselor, Els submits the application to her husband’s health insurance agency in Italy, which forwards it to the appropriate administration in the Netherlands.


The graph (the lower panel is a magnification of the upper one) models the impact of two policy packages. The first includes isolation of symptomatic cases, voluntary home quarantine, and social distancing of the entire population. The second package also includes the closure of schools and universities.

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In the less ambitious option, without closing schools and universities, the suppression is less, but so is the subsequent peak. The reason is that, in the interim, more community immunity is generated. Still, this option does not prevent the collapse of the healthcare system.

Of course, one could simply lengthen the period in which the suppression policy is maintained. In the most aggressive case, the hope would be that the virus disappears completely, or that a vaccine or treatment appears (clinical trials are already underway, both for vaccines and drugs, but they are lengthy processes). In the less aggressive case, moreover, prolonging the application of the suppression policy by a few months could generate sufficient community immunity to avoid the subsequent peak. One could even combine both policies, so as to start with the aggressive package (e.g., the first three months) and, once hospital demand is significantly reduced, open schools and universities. This combination could give the authorities more time to increase hospital capacity, or even make such an increase unnecessary.

Results of protection strategy in electoral context

When the British Prime Minister is told by telephone that “London Bridge has fallen”, he will know that Queen Elizabeth II has died and then ‘Operation London Bridge’ will begin, a complex protocol whose details have been revealed this Friday by the digital ‘Politico’.

British citizens will learn the news through an “official notification” issued by the Royal Household. The Prime Minister will be the first member of the Government to make a statement and the rest of the members of the Executive will not be able to pronounce themselves on the matter until then.

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On the other hand, the British Parliament, as well as the autonomous chambers of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will cease their activity; a minute’s silence will be announced at national level and the Ministry of Defense will fire salvoes from various locations.

Undoubtedly, ‘D-Day’ will be a hectic day for the Prime Minister, as he will have an audience with the new King Charles and will attend the memorial service that St. Paul’s Cathedral will host in honor of the Queen, an intimate and “spontaneous” ceremony.

The UK and the world mourn the prince’s death

When D-Day, the code name for the day of Elizabeth II’s death, arrives, her private secretary, the Right Honourable Edward Young, will call Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s official residence, and say just four words: “London Bridge is Down”.

All the presidents and heads of government of the 36 Commonwealth countries will receive a phone call. Governors general, prime ministers and ambassadors will immediately dress in strict mourning: all men and women will wear black and it is recommended that men wear black bands on the left arm. Royal protocol stipulates that they be exactly eight centimeters wide.

It will be a mere protocol formality, a simple vestige of the era when there was no Internet, no television and the British went directly to the palace for information, because by the time the picture is hung, the news will have already gone around the world.

After the announcement, flags will be flown at half-mast, except for the royal standard, which only serves to indicate the presence of the monarch and therefore cannot be lowered halfway. The bells of London’s churches will be rung according to an elaborate ritual.

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