Can I create my own number plate UK?

Can I create my own number plate UK?

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“EU students starting a foundation, undergraduate or postgraduate course in 2020-21 and beyond, who arrived in the UK before 31 December 2020 or who have their EU Settlement Scheme”:

The opportunity that the UK has been giving to all EU citizens until this 2021, has been incredible. Options to fully fund their studies and even loans to help with living expenses are advantages that will gradually disappear as a result of Brexit.    It is a shame that many young people will be left out and will not be able to access all these benefits. This is because, from 2022, all EU students who start a university course will be subject to international student fees throughout the UK. So they will not be eligible for the student loan system in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

If you have not yet started your university application process or if you have any doubts about it, do not hesitate to contact us to understand all these changes in the best way. We invite you to share this article with your family and friends so that this 2021 many more young people will be able to fulfill their dream of studying in the United Kingdom. The Broad Club Team

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We already have a date for the entrance exam to the Faculty of Medicine of the Kosice Medical University in SlovakiaIt will be on February 26th in our facilities in ValenciaPlaces are limitedMore info in the medical section or talk to our counselors.

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The student loan is a loan granted to young Europeans who wish to study at a university in England. This is a loan that finances the totality of your studies during the time you are at the university.

After reading all this information, we are sure that you will be very motivated to start classes as soon as possible and be able to enjoy all these advantages. But, surely you are also wondering if after Brexit you will be able to continue studying in the UK with the same conditions.

British universities understand that these are important changes, and they are doing everything in their power to affect students as little as possible. Therefore, they are going to publish different grants and loans in the coming months so that students can continue to enjoy their excellent education.

England plates

Without prejudice to the provisions of the specific regulations governing the registration of means of transport, compliance with the obligation set forth in paragraph 1 above shall not be required when the tax corresponding to this subjection has been subject to liquidation by the Tax Administration and the corresponding amount has been paid.

4. When non-compliance with the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraphs is detected, the bodies of the Tax Administration or the competent bodies in matters of traffic, road safety, navigation or air navigation shall give the taxpayer a period of five days to comply with it or to present a joint and several guarantee from a credit institution or reciprocal guarantee company or a surety insurance certificate guaranteeing payment of the Special Tax on Certain Means of Transport. Once this term has elapsed without the definitive registration or without the presentation of said guarantee or certificate, said bodies shall proceed to immobilize the means of transport until the regularization of its administrative and tax situation is accredited. However, the immobilization will be lifted in the event that the taxpayer presents a joint and several guarantee or insurance certificate in the terms indicated.

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United Kingdom license plates

In spite of the great uncertainty that the current scenario presents, from the International Center we recommend you to carry out all the procedures to carry out your mobility as planned: obtain the admission in the University of destination, elaborate the Learning or Training Agreement and carry out the rest of the obligatory initial procedures that are indicated in the call for applications.

It will depend on the type of exchange, the duration of the period spent abroad and also on whether or not, after returning, you continue with the online classes and activities at your host university.

If you have returned, but you continue with the online classes of your host university, you are considered as continuing with the Mobility, but again, only the actual time spent in the country will be paid if you have been abroad for the minimum period of time: 2 months for the internship and 3 months for the studies.

Remember that, in any case, you must send the corresponding certificate of stay to justify it. We also recommend that you keep flight/train receipts and other documents proving that you have made the trip, in case you are required to do so.

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