Are pharmacist happy?

Are pharmacist happy?

In Tigre, Julio Zamora and Daniel Scioli launched the program.

From our point of view, patients are not simply the object of the services offered by healthcare nor the object of the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry. Patients are responsible citizens whose health is their most precious asset and who are entitled to receive the best treatments and the safest medicines available. Patients are the object of healthcare policy.

However, health or the restoration of health is not only a right. It also implies an obligation to take care of oneself by eating healthy, leading a healthy lifestyle and playing an active role in one’s treatment, if treatment is necessary.

Our proposal for more effective monitoring of the true effects of approved drugs, for example, presupposes this kind of active involvement on the part of patients. If patients do not inform the authorities of anomalies related to the drugs they have taken, the monitoring process will be a waste of time.

How does the patient recover? – Dr. Jon Olabe (4/4)

Dr. Luis Margusino, hospital pharmacist and first signatory of the article, stressed that, “beyond the macro data obtained, the environment and the circumstances surrounding the study, we think it is important to point out that the ENOPEX study makes it possible to identify some descriptive variables of the patients, which will help to profile those who can most benefit from the development of Pharmaceutical Care and pharmacotherapeutic follow-up activities which include telepharmacy”.

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For his part, Dr. Ramón Morillo, hospital pharmacist and principal investigator of the Project, emphasized that “having this information is of vital importance for the future development of this activity, beyond the extraordinary situation of the confinement. In fact, this has been taken into account, has been incorporated and is already being worked on in the lines of development and expansion of telepharmacy, within the SEFH’s Mapex project”.

September 25. World Pharmacist’s Day

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At Pharmacy Club we are very excited about the new project we have just launched, especially aimed at young pharmacists and pharmacy students. To carry it out, we have had the collaboration of six very top pharmacists who actively participate in social networks who have told us about their experience. We give you more details about this fascinating project in this post.

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Video Reaction: Armando Escobar (Pharmacists) “We found out that

59% of patients do not have sufficient or accurate knowledge about the role and responsibilities of the hospital pharmacist. Despite this, the assessment of this healthcare professional is mostly good or very good for 88% of those surveyed. On the other hand, hospital pharmacists consider that the exhaustive analysis of the patient experience is fundamental, but its implementation is variable and depends on each center.

The committee is made up of Ana Álvarez, head of the Hospital Pharmacy Service of the Ramón y Cajal University Hospital; María Queralt Gorgas, clinical director of the Pharmacy Service of the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital; and Ramón Morillo, specialist in the Pharmacy Service of the Virgen de Valme Hospital.

Also participating in the project is the Cátedra del Paciente (formed by the ProPatiens Institute and the University of Alicante with the collaboration of the Miguel Hernández University). FHarmaconectados has the collaboration of Almirall, GSK and Kern Pharma.

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