Are optometrist happy?

Are optometrist happy?

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At the end of the previous post, where I told why I ended up working in Kenya, I said that in the next one I would talk about my day to day work and some of the experiences that have marked and changed me the most. Well, here I am again, from my room in Nairobi, and in the following lines I will describe how we work here, with some details and anecdotes that I find funny and curious. After 10 months living in Kenya, I have a more global and extensive vision and I think it is a good time to make a first balance.

– The day-to-day stresses and strains at work, especially given my little experience, and the injustices that I continually see in this country, as well as the working conditions and the treatment of workers, which differ from European standards, sometimes significantly.

In general, it is interesting to work here because apart from receiving people from all over the world, as I said, and of all types and socioeconomic conditions that you can imagine, I can see cases that are more common here than in Europe, such as keratoconus, glaucoma and extreme photophobia, cases in which we can help a lot and make them take it seriously, which is no small thing in a country like this, believe me.

World Visual Health Day celebrated at CENAO

What is your assessment of the VI SEEBV Low Vision and Rehabilitation Conference? We are very satisfied with the quality of the presentations and the whole organization. We believe that the celebration of this conference has been a great success both in terms of content and social aspects. In addition, we have opened a line of work together with several associations and the College of Opticians-Optometrists of Andalusia to demand the creation of Low Vision units where the optician-optometrist has a fundamental role as a prescriber of optical aids and visual rehabilitation, after the ophthalmologist’s diagnosis. Also, within the framework of the conference, we want to demand that visual rehabilitation be included in the Social Security agreement and that the Low Vision aids included in the orthoprosthesis catalog be paid to the patient, as is already the case in the community of Madrid.

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Do you think it has had a great acceptance taking into account the existing restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic? For that reason we organized a mixed event, face-to-face and online. We believe that it has been very well received because people already needed to meet personally, exchange impressions… Obviously, the situation was complicated, but we are very happy that we dared to take this big step and create the two different formats.


After receiving first level medical care from an optometrist and they determine that you need glasses or contact lenses, it is a huge benefit to be able to find what you need at the same optometrist center.  Opt for an optometric care center that has an incredible selection of eyeglasses (lenses and frames) for every need.  Not only should you be able to order contact lenses at your eye care center, but you should also be able to find the perfect pair of glasses.  Look for an optometrist who carries brand names at competitive prices – a good selection will make it easy for every member of your family (who needs glasses) to find the pair that’s right for them!  Think of the trouble you save when you can eliminate eye exams and find new glasses for everyone in the same place.

Are optometrist happy? 2021

Lasik Center is an ophthalmology clinic where the best specialists work daily.  The main objective of Lasik Center is the prevention, diagnosis and timely treatment of visual health, considering that this is part of the quality of life of people.

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“We went with my son because he had problems at school to read and write, and we are carrying out a children’s visual therapy treatment that is giving very good results. Very happy with the treatment and the professionalism of the doctor.”

“In Lasik Center I have found serious professionals, who attend you super friendly, they have adapted to my schedule to close a day for the operation and in a matter of hours I could see perfectly. I totally recommend them.

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