Why is Shrewsbury called Salop?

Shrewsbury town

The name has gradually been varied in three directions, into ‘Sciropscire’ which became Shropshire, into ‘Sloppesberie’, which became Salop or Salopia, the historic name of the county, and into ‘Schrosberie’, which gave rise to the name of the town, Shrewsbury.

Jane Gibson based her choreography on W.S. Porter’s The Apted Book of Country Dances (1966), which contained several late 18th century dances by Charles and Samuel Thompson such as: ‘The Shrewsbury Lasses’, ‘A Trip to Highgate’ and ‘Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot’.


La propiedad se encuentra a 32 km del Castillo de Shrewsbury.La propiedad se ubica a 32 km de Shrewsbury Castle.Pultheley Farm se encuentra a unos 25 km de la Catedral de Shrewsbury.La villa está aproximadamente a 50 minutos en coche de Shrewsbury Cathedral.Noble conde os traigo ciertas noticias de Shrewsbury. Noble conde os traigo noticias ciertas de Shrewsbury.Say Hastings didst thou come from Shrewsbury?Habla Hastings¿vienes de Shrewsbury?This was the work of Edward Haycock an architect from Shrewsbury.Fue una obra de Edward Haycock un arquitecto de Shrewsbury.

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Protecting the head of the Shrewsbury River peninsula, Shrewsbury Castle was raised during the Norman Conquest by Roger of Montgomery in 1070. The red sandstone fortress here now dates from the reign of Edward I in the 13th century during his conquest of Wales.

Thomas Telford’s Gothic Revival The Tower of Laura stands on the exact site of the original Norman motte (mound), and its terrace has a panoramic view of the cityscape and countryside.

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A recent acquisition is the Shrewsbury Dockyard, from a cache of 9,315 Roman-era bronze coins discovered by a metal detectorist in 2009. This is a must-see in a very strong archaeology department that also has a Bronze Age hoard and a Roman Mirror and Hadrianic forum inscription from the nearby Roman town of Wroxeter.

Shrewsbury has an incredible 660 listed buildings, a large proportion of which are black and white half-timbered houses raised when the wool trade flourished in Tudor times.

Charles darwin

Shropshire /ˈʃrɒpˌʃə/ (abbreviated Salop or Shrops) is one of the forty-seven counties of England, United Kingdom, with Shrewsbury as its capital. Located in the West Midlands, it is bordered to the north by Cheshire, to the east by Staffordshire, to the south by Worcestershire and Herefordshire, and to the west and northwest by Wales.[1][2] It has an area of 3487 km² and a population of 473 900 inhabitants. (2015).

Located in the eastern part of the county is a unitary authority, Telford & Wrekin, where its largest village, Telford, is located. The rest of the county was a two-tier authority divided between five districts, but since 1 April 2009 it has been a unitary authority as well.[3] Shropshire is a county in the north of the county.

Shropshire is crossed by the River Severn, which divides the region into two parts. Its northern area is flat land suitable for arable farming, while the southern area is high ground, home to the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

On July 25, 1995, Stephen P. Laurie, an astronomer from the Shropshire village of Church Stretton, discovered an asteroid. He named it (7603) Salopia, commemorating the Latin name of the county, Salopia.[4] The name of the asteroid was given to (7603) Salopia, commemorating the Latin name of the county, Salopia.[4

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