Who bears demurrage?

Who bears demurrage?

Community Regulation Decision 571

Since the levy was announced on October 25, both ports have seen a combined 47% decrease in demurrage cargo at the docks. The executive directors of both ports will re-evaluate the implementation of the levy in another week, after continuing to monitor the data.

According to the temporary policy approved on October 29 by the Port Commissions of both ports, the shipping lines may charge for each import container that falls into one of two categories: For containers moving by truck, the ports could charge for each container that stays nine days or more to the shipping lines. For containers moving by rail, ports could charge if a container has stayed six days or more. Currently, no date has been set to begin counting container dwell time.

The ports plan to charge shipping lines in these two categories $100 per container, increasing in increments of $100 per container per day until the container leaves the terminal.

Resolution 1684 of 2014

In order to transport goods by sea, two basic types of contracts are usually used, such as the charter party contract and the contract of carriage under bill of lading. Under both contracts, the user can access the service of a vessel to move its goods from one port to another. However, these are two types of contract, which, although they have common elements in terms of their origin, have different commercial applications, as well as a different legal regime.

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However, it should be noted that there are other types of contracts for the transportation of goods by sea, such as the contract of affreightment (COA) and the multimodal transportation contract. Likewise, there are charter parties that are not used to obtain cargo transportation services but to increase a shipowner’s fleet3 , as is the case of the bareboat charter party.

For this purpose, we will refer to the origin of each of these contractual modalities, the regulations that govern them, their purpose, obligations and liability, in order to identify their substantial differences, which have specific consequences in aspects such as the applicable legal regime, the liability for the care of the cargo loaded on board the vessel, the statute of limitations of the action derived from the breach of contract and the tax regime.

Can Resolution 1684

The simplification came into effect on March 26 and is in charge of the company Servicios Consolidados de Honduras S. de R.L de C. V. This company is in charge of the vehicle registration service and the delivery of license plates at the Peripheral Registry Office of Honduras.

As a result, an agreement was signed in which, given the volume of used cars entering the country, which is between 70% and 75%, a way was sought to simplify the procedures and organize what was being done. “The vehicle registration processes were integrated so that the cars leave the customs office registered in the IP and with their respective

The official assured that the new processes will be reflected in the costs and time “because we already know that the car owners pay demurrage when the term of being in the property expires, these factors were analyzed, also the amount of

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It is not a monopoly He detailed that “as an institute we find out when the car is already within the Consolidated Services property and ruled out the existence of a monopoly, since any company interested in submitting an application to carry out these works can proceed”.

Resolution 1684 can pdf

Competitiveness: Thanks to its large capacity and the motive power it employs, this mode of transport benefits from economies of scale, allowing it to offer lower freight rates than any other mode of transport.

Accessibility: Generally, seaports are remote from production sites and the final destination of goods. Therefore, it always requires transportation before and after the arrival of the cargo at the port. Some sea routes are closed in winter due to freezing.

Frequency of services: Vessel dispatch does not offer as many possibilities as regular air cargo service, road or rail transport. The lower frequency of shipping services increases the duration of storage of goods, resulting in low inventory turnover.

Self-transhipment and ferro-transhipment vessel: The loading and unloading operation is very fast and allows a short stay of the vessel in the port, it is done through a ramp adaptable to the different tide levels. The loading gates are located at the stern, bow or sides of the vessel.

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