What makes a high school a college prep?

What makes a high school a college prep?

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Due to the high student demand, the most recognized universities in the country have had to apply admission tests to filter the number of students who will come to occupy their limited classrooms. For this reason, college entrance courses have been created, which serve as a guide for the acceptance test to higher education.

Now we are ready! You are all set to start with our main topic, college entrance courses. Surely you have asked yourself more than once, are they worth it? We think so, and we’ll give you 3 reasons why.

College entrance courses stand out for the preparation of their students with the objective of excelling in the entrance exam, providing a great effectiveness in comparison to those who did not attend any class.

College entrance courses are handled with different plans, each one with a different value where, evidently, the more expensive ones have a greater amount of material; however, they do not necessarily represent a greater effectiveness.

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Higher Education Act 2020

Reputation is also based on key aspects that further strengthen your professional background. Here are some of them that you can consider when choosing the university where you decide to study:

The College Guide (from Reader’s Digest). This publication from Reader’s Digest publishes the 100 best universities in Mexico that have been evaluated based on a study of image and perception among students/alumni, professors and recruiters.

The Ranking of the 50 best universities in Mexico, published by América Economía magazine, analyzes aspects such as: Teaching quality, Research, Reputation among employers, Postgraduate offerings, International prestige and Accreditation.

It is true that for most employers who must hire recent graduates of a career, the reputation of the university is the basic reference, but there are also other factors that you can use to your advantage and that can complement the point of the prestige of your university, for example, develop projects or participate in research with companies or institutions that endorse your contribution of knowledge and experience.

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In the event that you are in the 1st year of Bachillerato, and then you change your mind about your preference for any career, or you simply do not like the type of modality you have chosen, you can only move to another modality if the following points are met:

In the event that there is a difference of two or more points between the two grades, a third different specialist teacher will carry out a third correction ex officio, the grade for the subject being the arithmetic mean of the three grades awarded.

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In this process it will also be verified that all the questions have been evaluated with a correct application of the general evaluation criteria and specific correction criteria, as well as the verification that there are no material errors in the process of calculating the final grade.

In the unlikely event that enough people resign so that some more places are distributed among those who have been left out, the regulations indicate that, given that June students have priority over July students, that place is given to the student who was left out in June by very few tenths, but never to the July student.