What is another word for flat fee?


Starting a business is not an easy path, since there are many expenses to be faced. To support self-employed workers at the beginning of their professional career there are some aids, among them the flat rate for self-employed.

The flat rate for the self-employed is a reduced monthly payment for self-employed workers to the Social Security. This measure is designed to support entrepreneurship and encourage self-employment, and all self-employed persons, regardless of their age, can benefit from it.

In case of being self-employed pluriactivo, that is, self-employed and at the same time employed by others, you have to choose between the flat rate for self-employed or reductions in the contribution base for pluriactividad, since both are not compatible with each other.

Experts advise making calculations on the total amount to be paid depending on whether the contract is full-time or part-time to check which of the two reductions is the most profitable.

Successful entrepreneurship in times of the coronavirus is difficult, but the flat rate for self-employed helps the start of the business activity. In any case, before registering as self-employed, it is necessary to take into account the expenses to be faced, among which we must not forget the insurance for self-employed, such as health insurance, civil liability insurance, or those oriented to businesses, vans or cars, or life insurance for self-employed. All of them offer the necessary protection to face the challenge of entrepreneurship with greater peace of mind.

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Inés Arrimadas and Juan Marín talk about Cs’ reforms

Telecommunications companies often offer flat rate plans to their residential customers for local phone calls. However, the regular rate may be more advantageous for those who make few calls per month. Flat rates were not common outside the United States and Canada in 2005, but have since become popular in Europe and Latin America for both local and long-distance calls, and are also used in cell phone services for both traditional GSM/UMTS calls and Mobile VoIP.

Cable or satellite TV usually charges a flat monthly fee for a standard package of channels, while other channels are offered for additional fees or pay per view.

Flat Rate – See you later Mari Carmen

Endesa’s flat rate has no permanence and offers 100% renewable electricity, certified by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC). As for natural gas, Endesa is committed to offsetting CO2 emissions, combating its carbon footprint.

Each challenge will be sent to the customer via the e-mail address provided at the time of contracting. Endesa’s challenges for electricity supply have a quarterly duration, while those for natural gas last 12 months.

The main purpose of the Endesa Challenge Plan is to ensure that the customer’s consumption is responsible. With these challenges, the user will not only reduce his consumption, but will also be respectful with the environment.

In the event that the customer does not overcome the challenge launched by Endesa, he/she will not have access to the discount on the next installment. This does not mean that the monthly amount will increase, as it will remain the same as established in the contracting conditions.

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Tarifa Plana & Los Aslándticos – We will be back

It seems that anything other than contracting with the regulated market supplier of the big electricity companies (Gas&Power, Regsiti, Curenergía, Energía XXI, etc), and doing it with the free market ones, is to enter into quicksand. It seems that you are contracting with criminals rather than with serious companies.

Well, my bill has gone up 25%, having contracted on 31/12/2021 and without having paid any bill, they have gone from 45,45e that they had offered me to 57e/month. Let’s see how I know how that works and they tell me that it is the CPI.

Hello J.C C,They may be right in that they have applied the CPI increase, but they have also applied the 65% increase in the CHARGES from January 1st, which they must have forgotten to tell you about on December 31st.Best regards.

Hi, could you tell me with what average monthly consumption you have been offered this price? Yesterday I signed a contract of 50.95 € for an average consumption of 145 KWH, when in November they offered it to me for 31.50 €. I don’t understand it and I see it as excessive compared to what I was paying before, it has been more than nine months since they sent me the bills and another 8 months before that they were billing estimated consumption.

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