What documents are needed for passport renewal?

What documents are needed for passport renewal?

Requirements to renew your Mexican passport 2021

Are you planning to travel abroad, your passport has expired and you want to renew the validity of your passport? The passport is an official travel document, proof of nationality and identity, which requests foreign authorities to provide assistance and protection.

In case you require the addition of your spouse’s surname in the corresponding section found within the passport data sheet, you must submit one of the following documents:

In case the Secretariat has not been notified of the trial for the reassignment for sex-gender concordance or of the administrative procedure for gender identity, the applicant may deliver it to the Delegation.Otherwise, the Secretariat will request it to the Central Office of the Civil Registry of Mexico City, so the response time is subject to that established by said authority. If in the process of verifying the birth certificate, it is detected that the original birth certificate has not been reserved, the applicant must carry out the corresponding procedure in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Passport requirements

– All documents submitted for passport processing must be legible and in good condition without mutilations, erasures, alterations, deterioration or alterations that prevent legal certainty as to their validity.

– When there are inconsistencies or irregularities in the documentation or information submitted, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is empowered to verify its authenticity before the issuing authority and may require additional evidence to prove your nationality and identity.

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Passport renewal 2021

The new passport type “G Prima” is a high security passport, which is only issued at the central offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico. For this reason, the process may take up to five weeks after the application is completed and the documentation is presented at the Consular Section of the Embassy.

Note: For security reasons, previous passports cannot be exchanged for the new high security G Prima format, so it is necessary to present again the Birth Certificate and original official identification.

For the issuance of ordinary passports to Mexican minors, in terms of the provisions of the Federal Civil Code, the parents or those exercising parental authority or guardianship must present the following:

The Consular Office reserves the right to verify before the competent authority the documents submitted for the issuance of the passport, verification which will be subject to the time of response by the issuer; therefore, the issuance of the passport may not be carried out within the established deadlines.

Passport Renewal

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) defines a Mexican passport as a travel document issued to Mexicans to prove their nationality and identity and to request foreign authorities to allow free passage, provide assistance and protection.

NOTE: If the passport to be renewed was issued before 1995 in Mexico, or before 2007 abroad, the holder will additionally have to prove his/her nationality and identity (as if it were a first time passport procedure).

Once you have made your appointment online, go in person to any SRE Delegation or State or Municipal Liaison Office with the SRE. The passport and consular registration process takes approximately 1 hour.

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