Is NASUWT a good union?

Is NASUWT a good union?

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On Wednesday, April 21, our General Secretary, Roberto Baradel, also Secretary of International Relations of the CTA of the Workers, was present at the 4th Congress of the Trade Union Confederation of Workers of the Americas (TUCA), an entity that brings together 48 trade union organizations from 21 countries and represents 55 million workers.

On this day, giving continuity to all the exemplary actions carried out by the Education Workers in the Schools of Buenos Aires to guarantee the pedagogical continuity and the distribution of food, our General Secretary…

On Tuesday, December 10, on the International Human Rights Day, the Frente de Unidad Docente Bonaerense and CTERA received the recognition “Memorial for Peace and Solidarity among the Peoples of America” by the Peace and Justice Service Foundation (SERPAJ) presided by Nobel Prize winner Adolfo Pérez Esquivel.

The book “Radiografía de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, crisis of a territory in dispute” deals with the current situation of the Province in terms of Education, Health, finances and production within the framework of the adjustment policies carried out by Governor Vidal, in line with the National Government’s policy, denouncing the serious setback generated by this administration in the territory.

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After five days of gas station chaos, British government and industry officials said Tuesday they saw signs of “stabilization” in a crisis that led doctors and other essential workers to fear for their ability to continue working.

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Since Friday, drivers have caused huge traffic jams at petrol stations in what the government described as a panic move after some distributors announced pump closures due to a lack of truckers to bring fuel from storage terminals.

The shortage of truckers began months ago, spurred by the pandemic and Brexit. The problem also affects supplies to supermarkets and fast food outlets, among others.

“We can’t spend two or three hours queuing when we have patients to attend,” British Medical Association vice president David Wrigley told Sky News. “If we don’t have fuel, it will affect our patients,” he stressed.

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“In talking to members about it, what they find most difficult is that they often don’t know this has happened – the video has come to light and then it’s brought to their attention,” said general secretary Chris Keates.

“Taking cell phones away from pupils when they come into school is the best way to do it, because it ensures the health, safety and security of everyone, pupils and teachers,” he said.

Speaking about the case to union members gathered in Belfast, Ms. Keates praised the “courage and determination” of the two women, saying they had done a “great service” not only to female teachers in Northern Ireland, but to women in general.

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The largest trade union in the UK, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has decided to show solidarity with the Kurdish people at its annual Congress and launched an active solidarity initiative. The TUC has 6 million members in 52 trade unions in different branches. Founded in 1868, the TUC is the most effective organization in the UK on social, political and labor issues.

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The statement says: “In view of the dangerous and worrying process that is unfolding, our congress demands that the following points must be addressed and actively worked on their implementation”.

-A call for the restoration of the rights of all those workers who have been removed from their duties following the failed coup attempt, and for the Turkish state to stand by international workers’ rights, freedom of thought, labor rights and freedom of the press.