Is demurrage a fine?

Is demurrage a fine?

Steps to be taken after a fine of

It is important to pay due attention to these requirements, otherwise problems may arise during the exit of the country, the entry and withdrawal of the products at destination, generating costs due to demurrage of the cargo, fines, additional costs, even detention and rejection of the goods.

Commercial Invoice: Issued by the exporter to the order of the importer/buyer as proof of the sale made. It contains information on the price paid or payable that will serve as the basis for determining the taxable base on which import duties will be paid in the buyer country (name of the importer, description of the merchandise, price, place and definitive conditions of sale).

Bill of lading: Receipt that proves the shipment of the merchandise, without this title the merchandise cannot be picked up at the place of destination. According to the means of transport, it takes the specific name, Maritime Bill of Lading or “Bill of Lading” if it is by sea; Airway Bill, if it is by air or Bill of Lading, for land transportation. This document provides information on the freight paid or payable, which depending on the importing country will be part of the taxable base on which import duties and taxes will be paid.

Declaration and payment of IGV in PDT 0617.

By virtue of the law, any non-resident foreigner may request the extension of the authorized stay up to 120 (one hundred and twenty) days in the territory of the countries of the CA-4 region (Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua).

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Likewise, all foreigners who have submitted a request for Special Permits of Permanence or Residence, before the National Institute of Migration or before the Secretariat of Human Rights, Justice, Governance and Decentralization, are obliged to extend their stay for the time necessary to obtain the resolution of the request and the respective inscription in the National Registry of Foreigners.

FINE for overstay in Peru. You can leave

He added that many times one can try to appeal to avoid paying the fines, but the problem is that during that time the merchandise cannot be taken out of the customs warehouses, which entails a daily demurrage cost between 70 and 100 dollars.

Rodolfo Avila, customs agent, explained that both the payment of fines and demurrage costs are often absorbed by the businessmen, “who end up transferring this extra investment in the cost of the product offered to the consumer”, lamented Avila.

The Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) and the Central American Uniform Customs Code (Cauca) that Honduras has signed establish guidelines to facilitate trade, but with this we are doing the opposite,” he said.

He acknowledged that if the declaration has not been registered, it can be corrected without a fine, “the problem is when the agent makes a mistake and does not realize it and registers the declaration, because then a fine is applied. For example, if we put that there are two dozen blue pants, but in reality they are yellow, we will be penalized for an error of form and not of substance,” he said.

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Is demurrage a fine? 2021

The delay in the loading and unloading of import goods through Puerto Arica generates an economic loss of up to US$2,600 per truck as a result of the fines imposed by the shipping companies due to the delay in the return of containers.

International heavy transport reports that around 2,000 trucks have been at this border point for more than 20 days waiting to be attended by Terminal de Puerto Arica (TPA), the company that caused the delay due to a change in its operating system.

The Bolivian Foreign Minister, Diego Pary, announced that he will file a claim at international level for the constant problems in the TPA, which generate millions of dollars in losses in Bolivian trade. “We are going to make the corresponding claims for this non-compliance, because what is being done is to breach once again the Treaty of 1904, regarding the free transit that is clearly defined and established in the treaty”, he said.

However, the president of the Association of International Heavy Transport (Asociatrin), Marcelo Cruz, reported that the situation at the Chilean border went from critical to unsustainable, since carriers must pay fines ranging from 700 to 1,200 Bolivianos per day for the delay in returning each container to the shipping companies.

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