Is architect a good career?

Is architect a good career?

Is it worth studying architecture in 2021?

We all like to lead a relaxed life, free of stress and shocks, where we have everything under control at all times but, let’s be honest, every project has its pluses and minuses and we will always have some surprises along the way. Fortunately, the career knows how to prepare you quite well for this type of situation. On more than one occasion you will find yourself immersed in a project to which you have dedicated weeks or months, a project that you are delighted with and in which everything seems perfect, then, a week before delivery, you realize that the project is not as wonderful as it seemed and that you are going to have to change the whole thing, plus the plotter has broken down, AutoCAD does not respond and you have not even started to make the model. These stressful situations are the ones that prepare you to face with confidence the difficulties that arise in the profession.On a personal note, I must admit that the race helped me a lot to combat the most stressful and difficult situations, not only at work, but also personally.A CREATIVE JOB

Disadvantages of architecture

It is about the conception of the space in which we spend a good part of our time and where we build our intimacy. Rest, leisure, food and sharing with the family are some of the facets that we live in the home. Hence the importance of living in a space that corresponds to our personality, tastes and interests.

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If you are interested in making this profession the tool for your professional development, explore the 10 best reasons that will convince you of the validity, avant-garde and innovation that Architecture offers you.

Architecture is a career that combines many elements of engineering, mathematics and calculations. But if something distinguishes and differentiates it from these, it is the fundamental importance of the aesthetic and artistic sense. To be an architect is to know about plans and dimensions, but also about aesthetics, harmony and beauty.

One of the most valuable functions of architecture is its capacity to improve people’s quality of life. With aesthetic, functional, practical and comfortable constructions, life in cities and homes improves its quality, having an important social impact.

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In this article we will share with you the edition of an interview with a graduate of the Architecture Career that will provide us with a lot of information and advice for future students. Read on and find out everything about this profession!

When deciding what to study, one of the fundamental questions is to know the voice of graduates who give an account of their experience in the working world, and of their passage through the career. In this article we will develop the interview with architect Marta Finkelstein, where she will tell us why she decided to study Architecture.

Marta Finkelstein is an architect with a great trajectory who has worked in renovation and construction projects closely linked to the artistic phase. She currently specializes in renovation and interior design.

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I had a very good experience in high school. I graduated from an important school where there was a lot of politics. I think that’s great because I think it gave me a social sensitivity, at least for me it was very special, where one is not isolated from the world.

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In this article we are going to talk about the Architecture Career. We are going to tell you what it consists of, what is the profile of a good architect, why study Architecture and what is its job opportunities. Read on!

Among its functions is also the preparation of reports and updating the progress of the works to be presented to clients and account for the feasibility of the agreed plan becomes.

If you are perseverant, patient and tenacious, you probably have the profile to study Architecture. Likewise, you can also see your personality reflected in some other tastes and attitudes such as the ones we are going to mention below:

The possibilities that open up from the Architecture Career are endless since they may require your participation from the refurbishment of a roof to the confection of a private neighborhood. On the other hand, it is a profession full of surprises, where monotony has no place and where the strangest ideas can become absolute geniuses.

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