How much savings are you allowed in a care home?

How much savings are you allowed in a care home?


Adjusting the contracted power is one of them. As it is a fixed cost that is paid regardless of consumption, “in most households it is recommended to adjust the power to the minimum and organize consumption as efficiently as possible. It should be borne in mind that lowering the power is not easy, and depends directly on the number of electrical appliances connected”, explained the Valencian distributor.

Controlling electricity consumption is one of the main aspects that affect the price of the electricity bill. It is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh) and is normally billed on a monthly basis. Once the contracted power has been checked, this is the second step to optimize savings to the maximum: keeping track of consumption and adjusting habits to achieve the greatest possible savings.

In addition, the supplier advises to “choose the best electricity tariff for the second residence and the one that best suits your needs”. To do this, attention should be paid to aspects such as the price of electricity, the service contracting conditions, the existence of additional services that tend to increase the bill, tariff discounts or permanence.

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There is a lack of knowledge among the population about the prices of nursing homes for dependent elderly people. In this post we will try to answer the question: How much do nursing homes cost and why?

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Taking into account that the average amount of retirement benefits received by an elderly person is 1,000 euros, more than half of the people who need a private residence will have difficulties to pay for it, so they will have to look for other solutions.

The prices for public or subsidized residences in the Valencian Community are calculated on the basis of a formula that guarantees that they can be paid with the monthly income of the elderly person and at the same time have a certain amount for their personal expenses.

In case you want to apply for a residential service through the Dependency Law, in the post Dependency Law: How to start the application, all the steps to follow to start this application are detailed.    Although it is true that the waiting times are quite long and if it is not an extremely urgent situation, the family will have to pay for a private nursing home for a while or look for other sources of financing.

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Although we may not realize it, we are used to wasting energy on a daily basis by leaving the cell phone charger plugged in once the charge is finished, turning on all the lights at once, exceeding the internal temperature of the home….. The first step we must take to be able to save on consumption is to become aware of the daily waste to which we are accustomed.

In response to the initial question, it is possible to save on electricity consumption in the home, although it is not always easy, since to do so we will have to change many consumption habits and incorporate new behaviors, which at first may seem complicated to follow. Depending on the type of home and the type of consumption, you can achieve savings with electrical appliances that apparently have a higher energy expenditure, therefore, a higher cost. This is the case of blue heat heating as it is an interesting alternative in second homes, or in homes with very little heating consumption.

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At first, saving energy may seem complicated, but with time you will see that it was just a matter of starting to put it into practice. At Podo we want to encourage energy saving among our customers and therefore, we want to offer you a series of tips and tricks that will allow you to save on your monthly energy bill.

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Don’t know how to save on the electricity bill of your second home? Having a second home means paying yet another electricity bill. Therefore, adjusting the power and looking for a cheap kW price is essential to achieve cost savings.

Do you rarely visit your second home? Surely receiving high electricity bills from your second home without hardly using it does not seem fair. From Gana Energía we give you the tricks so you can adjust your contract to the maximum and save a few euros at the end of the month with electricity rates for your second home that you will love.

In most homes, the power is adjusted to the minimum and consumption is organized as efficiently as possible. Something important is that lowering the power of light is not easy, and depends directly on the number of appliances you have connected. Think about what you really need and choose the power that makes you save while maintaining comfort.

Sometimes, it is possible to lower the power simply by organizing the hours in which we are going to cook, iron or take a shower. Remember that lowering the power has a cost of 10,94€ and raising it again has quite high prices:

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