How much does it cost to play golf at the mere?

How much does it cost to play golf at the mere?

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There are dirt courts all over the north of the country, and one of the newest ones was built in Copiapó, a few kilometers away from the San José mine, where the 33 miners were trapped.

“I was invited by the federation to play a tournament at the Río Lluta Golf Club in Arica. They needed two professional players, so I went. It was an international championship,” says Cerda.

The player recalls: “It’s a different kind of golf, obviously. They give you this grass mat, which you carry all over the place and from there you hit it. It’s crazy. They put a special oil on the greens, or something like that, so that the ball rolls well. When the ball bounces on the grass, you know more or less where it can end up. Not on the ground, because it can hit you right on a small stone and go anywhere. It is a drastic change when you hit the ball,” says the golfer.

The dissimilar conditions between the courses in the central and northern zones give rise to comparisons: “In the summer we always go with a group of friends to play tournaments in La Serena or Santiago, and to be honest we don’t do very well. But when people from the center come to play in the desert, we beat them,” comments Ruiz, from Copiapó.

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Golf in Dominican Republic

Knowing the distances you reach with each golf club is vital to plan your outing to the golf course, besides taking into account the right golf balls for your game it is very important to know the distance you reach with each golf club. It is not the same to prepare the clubs to face a pitch and putt course, than for a course of 18 lengths.

The rules of golf allow the player to carry a maximum of 14 clubs, this is so since January 1938 when the USGA set that limit and in 1939 the rule was endorsed by The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. This makes it very important to know how much distance we make with each club.

Normally, a set of clubs consists of 3 woods, 1 hybrid, 9 irons and 1 putter. Although each player can carry as many as he wants as long as he does not exceed 14, all the clubs are very important but choosing the golf putter is vital.

Reaching the usual distance achieved with a putter is not something simple, there are many factors that depend on things like the material used for the stroke, the player’s skill, etc. The most common factors that affect our strokes are:

How many golf courses are there in the Dominican Republic?

The weather in these latitudes is very hot so it is recommended to go out to play early, the course has 4 par 3, the flagship is the 12th hole, 4 par 5, 2 of them very long, the others are par 4. And it has three lakes strategically located to raise the degree of difficulty.

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The club’s anniversary tournament is held on September 15, coinciding with the national holidays, a great opportunity to enjoy it, it is undoubtedly one of the favorites for the big tours such as the children’s and junior tour and the Morelos Open.

The green fee costs 600 pesos on weekdays and 900 pesos on weekends, the cart costs 400 pesos and the Caddie 230 pesos for 18 holes. It is worth mentioning that the Caddies of Santa Fe have obtained excellent places in the corresponding tour, due to the degree of difficulty of the course in which they practice.

This tropical and golfing paradise is located 10 minutes from the city of Cuernavaca, at kilometer 22. 5 of the Cuernavaca-Acapulco Highway, in the municipality of Xochitepec, in the fastest growing area of the state, where strategically located the UVM, the Tecnológico de Monterrey, the International Airport of Morelos, the World Trade Center and the attractive Beraka Park, so for attractions do not suffer, on the contrary, you can fully enjoy the place, the landscape, plus an excellent day of good golf. See you there!

Golf course house

How much does an 18-hole golf course cost? What does a great golf course look like for Global Golf Company? Water consumption for an 18-hole golf courseMaximum slopes of the land to develop a golf courseHow much does it cost to maintain a golf course?

The creation of a golf course is a very complex process in which different external factors intervene and modify the budget, either increasing or decreasing it or simply varying the percentage concept. These factors come from different variables such as the cost of materials, the natural environment, the legislation of the municipality where the golf course is located.

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