How long can you stay in a caravan park?

How long can you stay in a caravan park?

Caravan Law

4Park Caravan is a system designed to offer the greatest comfort, both for you and your customers. Its autonomous operation allows its operation 24 hours a day without personnel. And our digital access means, via license plate or cell phone, offer your customers a convenient and fast way to park.

A system that is not just an access control system for caravan parking. 4Park Caravan includes a booking website, from which you can attract potential customers to park their caravans in your parking lot and reserve a parking space in advance.

4Park is our modular parking system that adapts to your needs. You can choose the services and equipment you need. They range from the recurrent automatic barrier, to more contemporary services such as remote parking control or your own booking website.

If you contract the booking website, or are on booking platforms, drivers can reserve a space and pay in advance, as well as buy hourly packages or other special products.

Living in a caravan

In these cases the car is correctly parked and we cannot be sanctioned because we are inside, even if it is in the middle of the city. On the other hand, a motorhome is considered to be camped when it is parked:

For the case of parking, municipal regulations apply, since it is a competence transferred to the municipalities, which are the ones who regulate where you can park, for how long and under what conditions. In addition, there are specific specifications to know what type of driving license you must have.

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For its part, the Ministry of the Interior, through the Directorate General of Traffic, has regulated the aspects related to motorhomes in Instruction 08/V-74, which is the current legislation on motorhomes, which states that “in other aspects such as circulation, stopping and parking, they are governed by the rules generally applicable to all vehicles”.

I live in Bilbao in a private urbanization which is a cooperative, I have the motorhome parked inside the land which in principle is not municipal land, and there are complaints in my opinion unfounded, the question is, what law or regulation can clarify this for me, to argue the defense, and I would like to know what is the law or regulation for the motorhome.

Places to park caravans

In the case of speed, the General Traffic Regulations determine that motorhomes (with a MMA equal to or less than 3,500 kg) may travel at a maximum of 120 km/h on highways and freeways and at 90 km/h on conventional roads. For motorhomes with a MMA greater than 3,500 kg, the limits change. They must drive at a maximum of 90 km/h on highways and freeways and 80 km/h on conventional roads.

However, it is important to emphasize one of the most confusing points. When we talk about motorhomes, parking is very different from camping. Understanding both concepts can save you fines.

When talking about motorhomes, it is very important to distinguish between parking and camping. Like any other vehicle, you can park in places where parking is allowed. To save you problems, the Race recommends that you carry a copy of the instruction 08/V-74 of the Dirección General de Tráfico regarding motorhomes where they regulate parking, and that you inform yourself of the local regulations to be able to anticipate possible unforeseen events. Also, if you park on a slope, it is advisable to use wheel chocks to prevent the vehicle from sliding.

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If I were to drive a car in a caravan, I would be in charge of

We are convinced that the most knowledgeable in the world of caravanning will be very clear about the type of parking you prefer, but the most novice will be lost in these matters. Because winter has been late in arriving, many of you have not worried about where to park your vehicle for the moment, since you have continued to use it. The truth is that this camping season has been long and profitable.

These types of parking lots are found in more rural areas and are usually in a more remote part of the campgrounds where there are still hikers. The biggest drawback is that the vehicles are completely exposed to the elements and usually have dirt or gravel floors. As we have already told you in previous posts, during the winter it is very important that you follow a series of measures to avoid dampness and mildew on the walls of your vehicle.    In addition, those of you who leave your caravan there will have to take another series of things to take into account so that during the time that you do not use it, it is safe from the inconveniences of the cold (protect the locks, cover the wheels, empty the water tanks, etc.). ).

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