How long can you keep a static caravan on a Haven site?

How long can you keep a static caravan on a Haven site?

Rural land can be developed

The category of “Crossroads Works” has a more uncertain character. In these works they are an intersection where several lines of research or architectural traditions intersect. They can also produce an interdisciplinary crossroads and can become simultaneously source and target works if they achieve the necessary relevance. The relevance of this type of work depends to a large extent on the vigor of the experiments that intersect, the density of the skein they form and their fertility as a source of new research.

The following works by Frey and Kocher will be analyzed: Aluminaire House (1930), Experimental Week-end House (1932), Kocher Canvas Week-end House (1934), and George R. Norton House (1939). In them we find the Fordist-rooted machinism of Le Corbusier’s architecture, with its European idealization of American technological efficiency, and the American technological vernacular, often based on extremely simple and even precarious means, which allow its generalization for a territory of continental extension, with different levels of technical development as befits a geographic space still in the process of formation and expansion.

How many square meters can be built on rustic land

Fig. 1: Javier Navarro (left) during the conference Towards a Theater of Situation, before Charles Jenks (standing right) and Paul Oliver (seated). London, November 1970. Photo courtesy of Javier Navarro de Zuvillaga.

To this thorny question of how much architecture is necessary for a theater that is neither temple nor machine Guido Canella tried to answer with some of the proposals he presented in his 1966 book on Milan. And his answer was: a lot, unlike Javier Navarro’s answer, whose architectural formalization was reduced and modest. In both cases, however, mobility in relation to the city was crucial to provide diametrically different solutions in terms of the architectural language employed, but extraordinarily similar at the conceptual level and in their urban and social effects.

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Fig. 12: Collage by Guido Canella for the 1965 university course that originated the publication, Il Sistema Teatrale a Milano, and which shows one of the projects, for Scuola Superiore di Teatro, Teaching Faculty and Department of Humanities, in a large urban piece for Sesto San Giovanni, in Milan. Source: Francesco Moschini Fund.

What to do with a rustic land

Erlantz25/09/2008, 22:08yo recibi emails of this type,decia be general manager of a company in africa and I did not trust at all,I asked for the account number and I was in a hurry,thank goodness I ignored him.

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What is hard to believe is that someone first believes those prices and then is able to send money in advance (because I guess that must be the scam) for a vehicle without seeing it physically. Although maybe, out of almost 5000 visits, someone must be biting?

P.S.: I have also received emails from people who write as if they were using web translators, interested in vehicles I have had for sale. It’s always the same story, that if I can’t come to see it, that if I send it to you, etc…

I can buy a piece of land and put up a prefabricated house.

* For the initial report submitted by Trinidad and Tobago, see CRC/C/11/Add.10; for the consideration of the report by the Committee on 2 and 3 October 1997, see CRC/C/SR.414-416 and CRC/C/15/Add.82.

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** In accordance with the information transmitted to States parties regarding the processing of their reports, this document has not been formally edited before being sent to the United Nations translation services.

6. The report provides information on the measures taken by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to realize the rights enshrined in the Convention and on the progress made in the enjoyment of those rights.

The Human Rights Section of the Office of the Attorney General was responsible for compiling this second periodic report. The Human Rights Section, established in 1999, is responsible, inter alia, for the preparation of periodic reports under international human rights instruments to which Trinidad and Tobago is a party.

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