How do I get rid of an old blender?

How do I get rid of an old blender?

Where can I throw away a stove

If recycling calls to you, get in touch (or on the thread) with this old dial phone, which, suitably adapted, can be converted – as you can see – into a table clock. To transform it, you can also recycle the mechanism of a large wall clock and its hands.

Here’s another idea for recycling. A broken blender, no longer in use and doomed to go in the trash, has been repurposed into an unusual planter for houseplants. The new planter has a technological touch.

A recycled pallet that you can turn, like the one in the image, into a wall shelf to put in your study, in your bedroom or even in your living room. To make the finish perfect, you have to remove some of the boards to open holes.

Where to dispose of old televisions

FIXED CLEAN POINTSA clean point is a place where neighbors can dispose of certain types of household waste free of charge so that they can receive a recycling treatment and thus avoid polluting the environment.The waste that citizens can deposit in a clean point are:The waste that citizens cannot deposit in a clean point are:All this waste must be taken to an authorized manager. To find out where to take them you can consult the List of Authorized Managers that are managed by the Government of Aragon.more informationMOBILE CLEANING POINTS

How to throw away appliances

When something stops working, the first thing we think about is throwing it away, but which container should it go to? Knowing the right place to dispose of electrical appliances is vital to protect the environment and not to mix them with other waste.

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WEEE or electronic waste may contain hazardous substances and gases that deplete the ozone layer or affect global warming and can be harmful to human health. For this reason, the clean point is the best place for this type of household waste.

Although both are thrown away at the clean point, it is interesting to know that electronic devices are not the same as electrical devices, and therefore, the electronic waste created after using an appliance is different from electrical waste.

The electrical ones are those machines that need to be plugged in to fulfill their purpose. On the other hand, electronic devices are those that use electrical currents to perform more complicated operations such as a laptop or a tablet.

Where can I throw away

When something breaks or stops working, it usually ends up in the trash. What most of us don’t realize is that many of these things are classified as “household hazardous waste,” which actually means it’s dangerous to throw it in the trash.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list. Using it you will be able to find out which things are too dangerous to be thrown away, which others are recyclable and which others can have a second life, and what to do with all of them.

Car or motorcycle batteries will have to be taken to a clean point, as the leaching of the acids, chemicals and metals contained in the battery into the soil can be highly toxic. From the recycling of the batteries of the cars most of the lead ingots are obtained to continue manufacturing other batteries or other materials.

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Medicines can be deposited in pharmacies, SIGRE Points. We can deposit in the points SIGRE: Expired medicines, Medicines not necessary, Boxes of medicines, Empty containers or with remains.