How big is the Royal Hospital School?

How big is the Royal Hospital School?

Educación domiciliaria y hospitalaria pdf

Este artículo describe las concepciones de afectividad en los discursos de los docentes que trabajan en un aula hospitalaria perteneciente a un hospital público de la Región Metropolitana en Chile son exploradas, considerándola como una experiencia multidimensional, desde la cual se configura la práctica docente. La metodología y procedimientos corresponden a un enfoque cualitativo, específicamente, un estudio de caso. Para ello, se entrevistó a todo el equipo docente que atiende a los niños diagnosticados con cáncer. Los principales hallazgos indican que la categoría afectividad no se visualiza como un fenómeno teorizado y recreado en el discurso de los docentes entrevistados. Finalmente, se concluye que es necesario avanzar en la valoración y clarificación de la afectividad puesta en juego en el acto educativo.

Considerando que en la actualidad se han ido registrando cambios en la educación formal y no formal, particularmente en y desde los desafíos de educación inclusiva, es innegable su efecto en las nuevas responsabilidades de los docentes, conformándose especificidades que generan demandas en relación con la formación inicial como al desarrollo profesional docente, que comprometen su identidad profesional. Además, se encuentra tensionada por la necesidad de atender la diversidad en y, desde una educación humanizada, que atienda a la condición de vulnerabilidad (Carabantes y Contreras, 2020; Nunes, 2019), especialmente en el contexto de las aulas hospitalarias.

Characteristics of Home and Hospital Education

This transfer was made in 1603 -in the case of the male wing-, during the reign of Philip III and 1636 -in the case of the female wing- during the reign of Philip IV. The women’s wing was located in some buildings under the former San Carlos College of Surgery. In the 18th century the hospital took on its definitive physiognomy. Philip V commissioned the construction of a new building. The first project was commissioned to Ventura Rodríguez and was rejected for being not very functional. The one presented by the military engineer José de Hermosilla was approved. In 1758 he began work on the new hospital on vacant land behind the Albergue de Pérez de Herrera so that the old one could continue to be used in the meantime.

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In 1849, the General Hospital of Madrid, as a result of the administrative reform that followed the Cortes de Cadiz of 1812, became governed and administered by the Provincial Council, and was renamed the Provincial Hospital of Madrid. In 1861 the Madrid City Council bought for 1,380,711 pesetas most of the area facing Atocha Street, and there were built tenement houses and a square (now called Plaza de Sánchez Bustillo).

Home and hospital education

Due to the diversity of effects of a pathology in the life and health condition of a student, the modality of attention of these schools and classrooms must be flexible and adapted to the circumstances that the patient-student is going through. That is why these modalities of care range from care in the school classroom located in the hospital center, care in the hospital ward or home care, in the case of those minors who are ill at home.

In this journey, Chilean schools and hospital classrooms have not worked alone, but have joined forces with each other and with other entities with similar experiences beyond the borders of our country.    Thus, for example, the Latin American and Caribbean Network for Hospital Education, REDLACEH, brings together different entities of our continent concerned about this educational reality.

Hospital teaching

In order for this collaboration to persist and increase in effectiveness, it is considered necessary for the corresponding Ministries to establish a homogeneous regulatory framework that will allow the subsequent implementation of functional collaboration agreements between the respective Institutions for teaching and research purposes and which, in addition to Hospitals, will have to include Primary Care Centers, which are becoming increasingly important for proper out-of-hospital clinical training.

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This approach is based on the assumption that the entire healthcare structure of the health system, in terms of both material and human resources, should be used for undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education of healthcare professionals, just as the university system should be used for their retraining.

By virtue thereof, in agreement with the Council of State and at the proposal of the Ministers of Education and Science and of Health and Consumption, after a report from the Council of Universities and the Higher Commission of Personnel, and after deliberation of the Council of Ministers at its meeting of June 28, 1986,